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Contracts of Employment

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Contracts of Employment

Employers Have No Excuse to Underpay Staff

26 January 2017
It is illegal not to pay employees the National Minimum Wage and there can be no real excuse for doing so.Channel 4 documentary Undercover: Britain’s Cheap Clothes scheduled to be broadcast tonight...

Zero-Hours Contracts on the Rise: More and More Employers are opting for zero-hours contracts.

12 September 2016
The use of zero-hours contracts is on the rise but the continued use of contentious employment agreement continues to attract widespread criticism.A zero-hours contract between an employe...

How to deal with a request for a pay rise.

22 February 2016
News that some MPs are set to pocket another bumper pay rise will no doubt leave many employees asking “what about me?”A recent survey from the Chartered Institute of Personnel Development revealed...

Employers are running the risk of legal action by making unlawful deductions from wages.

21 November 2015
Instances of workers being docked pay for praying, taking cigarette breaks and going to the toilet have hit the headlines in recent years. Employees have also complained about not being paid at all...

More work needed to help employees understand their terms and conditions.

23 September 2015
The majority of workers are oblivious of the terms and conditions contained in their employment contract.More than 90 per cent of employees quizzed for a survey admitted they had not read the docum...

Zero Hours contracts top 3 FAQs: what you need to know

24 February 2015
Let’s try to clarify some of the most popular questions asked regarding zero-hours contracts.1) Am I entitled to holiday/annual leave?As a zero-hours worker you are entitled to annual leave in the ...