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When an employee is wrongly suspected of serious wrongdoing

22 March 2017
For an innocent employee being wrongly accused of any type of allegation can be a distressing nightmare.Imagine then Fiona’s horror when she was falsely accused by her bosses of being a racist.The ...

Taking the Day of Because of Bad Weather

26 January 2017
It’s that time of year when for many employees getting into work is a job in itself.Recent metrological warnings of ‘thundersnow’, plummeting temperatures, severe flooding and strong winds highligh...

Handling an Employee Who is More than Just a Problem

25 January 2017
Dealing with a’ toxic’ employee early on can prove beneficial in the long run but it is not always the easiest thing to do.It could be that a long-serving, dynamic or assertive employee’s actions, ...

Dealing with Employees Under the Influence of Drink While on Duty

24 January 2017
When snaps emerged of a sozzled looking Wayne Rooney following an international match it sparked widespread debate about his fitness to lead his country.The England football captain has since been ...

Guilty of gross misconduct but dismissal was not inevitable

17 January 2017
Jack accepted that the allegation of gross misconduct made against him was true - and the evidence against him was indisputable.He had an exemplary disciplinary record and had worked for the West M...

Suspended from work after being accused of bullying

17 January 2017
When Kevin was called to his manager’s office and accused of being a bully and suspended it was the start of a nightmare.A couple of days earlier he had heated words with a colleague, but given the...

Having an off the record conversation

27 September 2016
There are situations as an employer when you may want to have an “off the record” conversation with one of your employees, but are nervous, because sometimes those conversations can go wrong and ca...

Disciplinary Appeals Process: Get it Wrong and You Could Pay Dearly

08 August 2016
Getting a disciplinary decision wrong can prove costly, which means the benefit of a fair appeal process is priceless. After postman Anthony Holt was reportedly fired for attempting to break into h...

April Fools’ Day and the workplace prank

21 March 2016
Playing practical jokes on 1 April is a tradition that is centuries old - but it can cause modern day problems in the workplace. Despite having no official recognition April Fools’ Day is about mak...

Establishing the truth in disciplinary matters.

13 January 2016
While instances of using a lie detector to dismiss an employee are extremely rare getting to truth of any disciplinary matter remains a testing issue.At the start of the year a courier firm which s...

Can an employer discipline or dismiss an employee for capability reasons, while they are off sick?

15 March 2014
Can an employer discipline or dismiss an employee for capability reasons, while they are off sick?It's a common myth that workers can't be sacked while they are off sick!!Being off sick is no prote...

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