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Christmas Closure  – Our office will be closed from the 22nd of December at 12pm and will reopen on the 2nd of January at 9am

Christmas Closure  – Our office will be closed from the 22nd of December at 12pm and will reopen on the 2nd of January at 9am



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Failure to conduct Risk Assessment for Breastfeeding Mother

10 November 2017
The Claimant was a nurse working in a hospital's accident and emergency unit. She claimed sex discrimination as her employer's risk assessment for her as a breastfeeding worker had concluded, witho...

Understanding an employer’s duty to make reasonable adjustments

06 November 2017
In employment matters the term reasonable is often used, but what exactly is considered reasonable can be open to interpretation and debate.And when it comes to making reasonable adjustments (1)&nb...

Religion in the Workplace

10 April 2017
In the run up to Easter research has been published which suggests that employers are finding it difficult to manage expressions of religion and belief in the workplace.The Belief at Work Study (1)...

Supporting equality and diversity in the workplace

14 February 2017
The Equality Act of 2010 legally protects people from discrimination in the workplace and it’s up to employers to enforce it.Back to the 70sThere’s been a spate of programmes on TV recently looking...

Managing Older Workers; An Employer's Rights and Responsibility

24 January 2017
For employers with an ageing workforce it is likely that concerns about an older worker’s performance may need to be addressed at some stage.Having such a conversation with an employee who has been...

Sacked During the Probationary Period and With Less than Two Years’ Service

17 January 2017
When Frank contacted Castle Associates for help with a dismissal appeal he admits he did not expect too much – but he did get his desired outcome.Frank, a carer, was distraught when he was dismisse...

Workplace Dress Codes up for Debate

16 May 2016
There’s been plenty of discussion about whether an employer’s decision to send home a receptionist for refusing to wear high heels is really a step in the wrong direction.The decision attracted wid...

Getting a Grip on Obesity in the Workplace

09 May 2016
A top employment judge is calling for a change in the law that would allow overweight employees to sue for ‘fattist’ discrimination. Being overweight, or even obese, is not in itself a prohibited g...

Unholy row over praying in the workplace

01 February 2016
A power plant has sparked a religious row by changing its prayer policy. The US-based company used to allow Muslim employees to leave its production line twice a shift to pray. But the change of po...

New Scheme hoped to tackle discrimination against job seekers

31 October 2015
A government-backed scheme aims to tackle workplace discrimination by using ‘name blind’ applications.The initiative will mean the applicant’s name is not revealed when they apply for a job.It is h...

Drive to support older workers to overcome employment barriers

28 July 2015
The changing face of the workplace is looking more mature - but a number of challenges remain for older workers.It is predicted that by 2022 the number of people in the workforce aged 50 to State P...

Religion, work and Christmas; what employers need to know.

09 December 2014
For many employers the festive period is business as usual. The super commercialisation of Christmas and dwindling church congregations has seen the real message of the Christian festival fade into...

Unintentionally biased: the uncomfortable truth

08 June 2014
You’re a progressive person, tolerant and accepting of the many differences which we can celebrate in our society. Like many people in this day and age, you not only believe in and support greater ...

Legal Corner: How long do you have to be employed by your employer to bring a claim for discrimination under the Equality Act?

02 December 2013
Answer: There is no qualifying period!A right to bring a claim for discrimination applies from day one of your employment. The right also applies to workers who are contracted to do work for the em...

Time’s up on pay discrimination? A landmark judgment on equal pay

26 October 2012
The time limit for bringing an equal pay claim in the Employment Tribunal is six months after the employee’s employment has come to an end. However, in a new and ground-breaking judgment which came...