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Performance Management

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Performance Management

How to handle a workplace grievance

24 July 2017
In the ideal world all working relationships would be problem free.The workplace would be a completely harmonious environment, workers would get on with each other and there would never be any caus...

How Employers can Learn from Santa’s Work Pattern.

19 December 2016
The hard work and dedication of Santa Claus over the festive period is typical of that shown by staff across the country and there are lessons that all employers can learn from it.North Pole-based ...

Having an off the record conversation

27 September 2016
There are situations as an employer when you may want to have an “off the record” conversation with one of your employees, but are nervous, because sometimes those conversations can go wrong and ca...

The Right and Wrong Way to Manage Poor Performance in the Workplace

01 July 2016
There are effective ways to deal with underperforming employees but lining them up, spanking them and cutting their hair is certainly not one of them.A video has emerged online showing a motivation...

Managing employee performance before problems arise

26 July 2012
Neena Patel is an associate at Fox, the London based solicitors. She shares her expertise in managing employee performance.The abolition of the default retirement age in April 2011 and the recent d...