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Trade Union

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Trade Union

The helping hand of a trade union in the workplace

05 March 2018
It’s fair to say that trade unions and their representatives have had a bad press that can detract from the crucial role they play in the workplace.There have been previous newspaper headlines abou...

What does a trade union rep do? Understanding the role of a trade union representative.

14 August 2017
Image source: Pixabay.comWhen working relationships breakdown, are under threat or become strained the role of a trade union representative can be invaluable.Opinions and views on the role, aims an...

10 reasons why it is important to have trade union (TU) representation during a disciplinary, grievance and/or redundancy meeting.

18 January 2014
Dealing with disciplinary, grievance and/or redundancy meeting and situations can be an emotionally draining experience. When facing the stress of such situations; the pressure can easily get to a ...