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Workplace Issues

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Workplace Issues

Euro 2016 Workplace Policy: Avoid showing staff the red card during a summer of sport

12 June 2016
With a bumper summer of sport on the way a new study has revealed four in ten men are prepared to take a sickie to make sure they do not miss out on the action (1,2). The research by Grosvenor Casi...

April Fools’ Day and the workplace prank

21 March 2016
Playing practical jokes on 1 April is a tradition that is centuries old - but it can cause modern day problems in the workplace. Despite having no official recognition April Fools’ Day is about mak...

Monitoring internet and email usage in the workplace

25 January 2016
While the case of a Romanian engineer being fired after his bosses are said to have snooped on his emails made national headlines in the past week, it is worth remembering that this is nothing new....

It may be Christmas but it is business as usual

17 December 2015
While the thoughts of many employees are now focusing on spending time off work over the festive period…it will be business as usual for many.Different opening hours, varying demands for a service ...

The office Christmas bash and the unwanted hangover

10 December 2015
It’s that time of year again when the office Christmas Party can leave employers with an unwelcome headache.While the festive shenanigans at the work bash can be great fun, any inappropriate behavi...

The madness and mayhem of ‘Black Friday’ is set to hit the high street again and businesses and staff are preparing for the chaos.

11 November 2015
The American tradition which sees retailers slash prices created scenes of bedlam last year as shoppers literally fought to grab a bargain.Police were called to deal with disorder and shop workers ...

The show must go on; giving your employees time off to see their children's nativity plays.

09 December 2014
The school Christmas play is an intensely treasured festive tradition which can leave employers facing an emotional dilemma.Working parents will no doubt love to see their budding little thespians ...

The office Christmas party; fun and frolics that can give an employer more than just a headache.

09 December 2014
T'is the season to be jolly and for the works Christmas bash,which can give employers a serious headache.Booze-fuelled indiscretions during the annual festive get together can result in companies h...

Fun and folly: time for another office Christmas party; what could go wrong?

01 December 2014
T'is the season to be jolly, but employees beware because the works Christmas bash should really carry a serious career warning.Booze-fuelled indiscretions during the annual festive get together ca...