Can your previous employer enforce a restrictive covenant and stop you working?

Tosh Polpitye

22 May 2019

Have you left your job? Are you going to work for a competitor employer? Can your previous employer enforce the restrictive covenant in the contract? watch this short video an expert solicitor Tosh Polpitye will explain.

So the way to think about it is what is the purpose of the restrictive covenant, it's to protect the legitimate business interest. So if you work for Pepsi and then you go to work for coca-cola probably they could stop you, there are trade secrets there it's things that could legitimately damage one of those companies. If you're going to work for a competitor but you're not doing something that damages that company I don't know as a silly example if I went to another law firm worked as a cleaner or something then obviously it has nothing to do with me being a law in that firm so as long as you're doing something that doesn't affect the other business then listen it's a legitimate reasonable and enforceable restrictive covenant.

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