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The long bank holiday weekend may not be for all of us

Published 20 June 2022
We all like a break from work and bank holiday is the perfect time to enjoy one, but can you say no if asked by your employer to work on a public holiday?  Contrary to what may have once been...

What should happen if you are ill during the disciplinary process?

Published 13 June 2022
Facing disciplinary action can make anyone feel sick and being unwell and unable to participate in the process can leave you fearing the worst. In answer to the question: can you go off sick durin...

What you should know if you wish to make a claim for unfair dismissal

Published 06 June 2022
If you are unjustly sacked from your job you are likely to claim it is an unfair dismissal  - but is it really? You will righty feel aggrieved in such circumstances, but it does not always me...

The sickly feeling with not knowing what to expect if ill during your notice period

Published 24 May 2022
Any of us can fall ill at any time and if you are off work sick during your notice period does it change things? Your notice period will determine the amount of time you have to work once you resi...

Can a fixed-term contract work for me?

Published 16 May 2022
Job security is important to a lot of us, so can there ever really be any benefit in accepting a fixed-term contract with an agreed end date? The idea of being recruited for a role on temporary ba...

How much notice do I have to give to leave my job?

Published 09 May 2022
You may have entertained the thought it would be great to tell your boss exactly what they can do with their job and quit on the spot - but is it really that easy? Typically, if you are looking to...

What you need to know about a fixed-term contract

Published 03 May 2022
Successfully securing any employment contract is a good reason to celebrate…and if it is a fixed-term one you should know exactly what to expect. A fixed-term contract will usually expire automati...

Religion in the workplace

Published 19 April 2022
  Following the Easter break it is a good time to focus on religion in the workplace. At the weekend Christian, Jews, and Muslims all marked important holidays as for the first time in years...

Raising awareness of stress in the workplace

Published 11 April 2022
The timing of stress awareness month could not be better and employers should take note. Work-related stress is a leading cause of employee sickness absence, with major factors causing work-relate...

Will a historic vote and the pandemic trigger a trade union revival?

Published 04 April 2022
A landmark vote by Amazon warehouse workers to form a trade union helps to focus the spotlight on the role an organised association of workers can play in the modern workplace.   Employees a...

Learning from the mistakes of employers who failed to tackle workplace discrimination

Published 29 March 2022
It seems barely a week goes by without news of an employee winning a claim for discrimination, so why are employers continuing to get it wrong? It can be a costly mistake for any business to make....

Redundancy with no warning

Published 23 March 2022
The decision by P&O Ferries to fire its entire workforce without warning is the latest example of a brutal redundancy process that is likely to have serious repercussions. The ferry firm made ...

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