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Supporting an employee diagnosed with ADHD as an adult

Published 27 November 2023
Supporting an employee diagnosed with ADHD as an adult There is an increasing possibility an employer could be left asking ‘what do I do now?’ after being informed for the first time that an emplo...

Understanding an employer’s duty of care

Published 20 November 2023
All employers are under a duty to protect staff from harm and the need to do so in a particular sector has been in the spotlight because of the increasing danger employees are facing at work. An e...

The importance of creating the right workplace culture

Published 13 November 2023
Whether it is inappropriate sexual behaviour, racist jokes or offensive banter in a workplace, the excuse ‘well everyone does it’ should never be acceptable. Such behaviour should not be overlooke...

Age discrimination in thew workplace

Published 07 November 2023
Is has been said that age is just a number -  but in the workplace it can be the source of some serious and costly problems. No employee should be treated unfairly at work as a direct result of th...

Grievance guide for any employee

Published 30 October 2023
If someone at work is causing you to feel anxious, stressed or fearful the idea of doing something about it can be daunting - but what can you actually do? You can raise a formal grievance, which ...

Investigating disciplinary allegations

Published 23 October 2023
The importance of a disciplinary investigation cannot be underestimated as a case can fail or succeed on the strength of it. It is a process that should aim to establish the facts in relation to a...

Sexual harassment at work

Published 17 October 2023
Work-related harassment of a sexual nature remains an ongoing problem despite a greater focus on the issue in recent times. It is the type of harassment that is unwanted workplace behaviour that c...

Workplace drug testing

Published 09 October 2023
Any employer who drug tests staff is likely to face the challenge of dealing with a positive result, which is not always as straightforward as it may appear.   Illegal drug use is widespread and ...

Suspension from work to investigate alleged wrongdoing

Published 03 October 2023
If you have kept up with the news in the last week you may be aware of a number of high profile suspensions from work that have created the wrong type of headlines for an employer. TV channel GB N...

Addressing old complaints and grievances

Published 26 September 2023
Dealing with serious and historic allegations of wrongdoing is a situation any employer could find itself in - and it can be challenging and problematic.   We have heard in recent years of a...

Understanding your right to change the way you work after time off to adapt to parenthood

Published 19 September 2023
Half of new fathers and partners requesting flexible working after paternity leave are being denied it by employers according to a study. It does mean many new mothers are having to carry the cari...

Should dismissal always be inevitable with a finding of gross misconduct?

Published 11 September 2023
The question as to if a finding of gross misconduct should automatically lead to dismissal has always been a contentious one – but it will no longer be for police forces in England and Wales. Gros...