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Failing to do the bare minimum on wages

Published 09 August 2021
It’s been revealed some employers are still short changing staff by not paying the minimum wage and the list of shame of those doing so includes some well-known names. The National Minimum W...

Redundancy fears at the end of the furlough scheme

Published 02 August 2021
Redundancy can be both a fair and unfair reason for dismissal, which is worth bearing in mind with thousands of job losses predicted when the furlough scheme ends.  Essential financial suppor...

Some-ping needed fixing to mend Test and Trace chaos

Published 27 July 2021
Many employees may have pondered the line from the Clash song ‘should I stay or should I go’ when at home and considering attending work aft...

Warning! Be prepared for workplace disruption with lifting of lockdown restrictions

Published 19 July 2021
Flexibility around working arrangements is now more important than ever before in the ever-changeable work climate.  Increasing numbers of employees being ordered&nbs...

The need for caution and less haste when dealing with employee misconduct

Published 12 July 2021
There can be outrageous acts of gross misconduct for which you believe an employee deserves to be sacked on the spot, but doing so is never a good idea.  There have been a number of repo...

Should I smile if caught on camera at work?

Published 06 July 2021
Revealing CCTV footage played a central role in the resignation of Matt Hancock, so it is worth focusing and taking a much closer look at the use of surveillance cameras in...

What can an employer do about an office romance?

Published 28 June 2021
Matt Hancock’s widely publicised breach of social-distancing guidelines put paid to his tenure as health secretary and highlighted the peril of workplace romances.  He handed ...

The lockdown extension and important news for employers

Published 21 June 2021
The announcement of a four-week extension before lockdown restrictions will finally be lifted in England was surrounded by crucial news for employers.  Whether an emp...

Urgent check-up needed to ensure sickness policy is fit for purpose

Published 14 June 2021
A tribunal decision that it was ok for an employee to go to the pub while signed off work sick may be considered funny by many, but it is no laughing matter for employers. A 66-year-old driver won...

Equal Pay

Published 07 June 2021
The idea that all genders should be paid equally for doing exactly the same job is perfectly reasonable.  In fact there is a legal requirement for employers to ensure that it does in fact hap...

UK employment one year after the death of George Floyd

Published 01 June 2021
The brutal murder of George Floyd highlighted racism in all aspects of society including work – but one year on has anything really changed?  The shocking mobile phone footage...

Avoid paying the price for unfair pandemic wage cuts

Published 24 May 2021
The last 14 months have been financially challenging for employers of all sizes, but it should not be used as a convenient excuse to enforce pay cuts.  The coronaviru...

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