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Latest News

News 16 - 22 July 2021

Published 23 July 2021
Here is the news.    This week we have a large volume of information to get through and saturation of Covid related articles in light of 19 July being ‘freedom day&...

News 2 - 9 July 2021

Published 09 July 2021
 Welcome to another edition of the latest trends and cases splattered across the employment law landscape.  The first employment tribunal case is in respect of employee actions to the Cov...

News 11th - 18th June 2021

Published 18 June 2021
  We have much to catch up on so let’s get right into it.  Our first story in this edition looks at whether the refusal to attend work due to COVID constitutes ‘automatically...

News 3 - 10 June May 2021

Published 11 June 2021
News 3 - 10 June May 2021   Here is the news.  We have much to catch up on so let’s get right into it.  Our first story in this edition looks at...

News 24 April – 27th May 2021

Published 28 May 2021
Welcome to the news.   We lead with the mounting issue of ‘fire-and-hire’ tactics being utilised by employers seeking to foist detrimental contractual changes on staff whilst avo...

NEWS 11 - 23 April 2021

Published 10 May 2021
Welcome to the news.   This week  we will start to catch up on some of the backlog of stories from the past three weeks.  Firstly, we look at some of the issues facing employees co...

News 2 - 8 March 2021

Published 12 March 2021
Welcome to the news. Web start by reporting on the removal of the public sector cap on exit payments.(1)   We also highlight a recent EAT decision looking at ‘reasonable steps’ in respect of rac...

News 23 February - 1 March 2021

Published 05 March 2021
With the recent announcement of the ‘roadmap’ to guide us all into the dripping sunset of post COVID life, the stories take a decided turn to more family subjects, albeit in many cases still set ag...

News 16 - 22 February 2021

Published 26 February 2021
Hello, good evening and welcome. Amidst the government’s charge towards lifting the current restrictions, are we approaching the use of lockdown three? Our first paragraph as usual looks at the las...

News 3 - 15 February 2021

Published 19 February 2021
So to another week of COVID and stories to match.   The TUC has called for a further extension of the furlough scheme in order to save jobs.(1)  Con-tractor UK raises the issue of the HMRC chec...

News 26 January - 2 February 2021

Published 05 February 2021
As we start a new month we continue to focus on COVID and bring numerous articles which reflect the hope of the recently introduced vaccine.  Welcome to visions of the post-COVID world. Our firs...

News 14 - 25 January 2021

Published 29 January 2021
This week’s News begins with the inauguration of new US President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris we will watch to see the impact of their influence on future trade and with it employmen...

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