Case Studies

Case Studies

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Case Studies

Finding the right formula to correct a poor disciplinary outcome

Published 22 June 2022
Ambitious Danny’s career appeared to be in ruins at the age of just 24 when he was fired from his dream job after making mistakes. The laboratory worker was considered dishonest and found to have ...

Sharing the right information at the right time to avoid the sack

Published 16 June 2022
Some employees happily share every aspect of their lives, no matter how personal, but for a private individual like Cleo sharing significant information at the right time proved crucial. Her repea...

Blindsided by a disciplinary process an employer thought was an open and shut case.

Published 09 June 2022
When a customer is evidently wrong but insists they are right, it can create serious problems for an employee. Window blind fitter Connor was accused of fitting the wrong shutters at a female cust...

News of a new arrival signals an all too familiar unfair disciplinary process

Published 25 May 2022
Gemma’s rise through the ranks at the pub chain where she worked for was impressive – but a bit of good news nearly proved fatal for her career. She started out cleaning and washing up at her loca...

Fixing a disciplinary situation in danger of damaging an illustrious career

Published 19 May 2022
When workshop manager Ernie offered ‘constructive criticism’ to an employee it was his choice of words that landed him in trouble. It can often be the case with older workers that they say somethi...

An ugly disciplinary process with a desirable resolution

Published 11 May 2022
Activity instructor Caroline took great pride in her appearance and when a male workmate suggested she did so just for attention from men she was furious. It led to an argument between the pair, w...

An ill-informed disciplinary outcome for an employee on sick leave

Published 04 May 2022
The shock of being wrongly accused of a serious disciplinary allegation would make most employees feel ill. When Stuart, a client service project manager, was alleged to have stolen from a colleag...

Expert help needed when work problem becomes a family problem

Published 20 April 2022
Family bust-ups and fallouts can be particularly difficult, add work to the mix and things can get even worse. Chelsea worked in a pub run by her parents before they decided to fire her following ...

Unlawful treatment of working mum on maternity leave

Published 14 April 2022
When Cerys a mother of four boys discovered she was pregnant and finally expecting a girl she was delighted – but her employer was not in the mood to celebrate the good news. The reaction of her b...

Finding an agreeable resolution when strained working relationships lead to disciplinary action.

Published 30 March 2022
When retail supervisor Pippa faced a desperate fight to save her job after 19 years’ service she admitted doing wrong, but was desperate to avoid the sack. It was made clear to our representative ...

Cleaning up a disciplinary mess

Published 16 March 2022
Being dismissed can be traumatic for any employee - and in Maria’s case it meant her family home was at risk She was sacked after a disciplinary hearing at which she faced allegations of serious i...

Dealing with a disciplinary case created by a colleague with a grudge

Published 09 March 2022
When disciplinary allegations were levelled against supermarket worker Janine for the second time in just two months she understandably feared the worst. Janine already had a final written warning...

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