Case Studies

Case Studies

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Case Studies

Good recovery from ill-informed disciplinary outcome

Published 02 December 2020
What an employer knew and when it knew can be the key in getting justice for an employee subjected to unfair disciplinary action. Following a disciplinary hearing Josie was dismissed for failing...

Successfully challenging a decision to dismiss.

Published 25 November 2020
When bus driver Scott was dismissed for refusing to take a drugs test the outcome appeared a forgone conclusion.The bus operator that Scott worked for carried out random drug and alcohol testing ac...

An unusual disciplinary case where there really was smoke without fire.

Published 18 November 2020
Surveillance cameras are everywhere, so we know if we do something wrong there is a good chance it may be caught on film.Employees have been fired for wrongdoing captured on video, which means the ...

Unfair disciplinary action because of disability

Published 11 November 2020
Working with a disability and a lack of meaningful support can be difficult and create serious problems for an employee.Jamie, a type 1 diabetic, worked in a pub serving food and drink when he face...

Fighting back and refusing to accept unfair disciplinary process.

Published 04 November 2020
You generally know when you are being treated unfairly, but preventing it can be more difficult than it really should be.You don’t necessarily need to be an employment law expert to recognise when ...

A playground-related fight to beat an unfair disciplinary allegation

Published 21 October 2020
Teaching assistant Sam loved working in school and adored the children, so it was her worst nightmare to be accused of deliberately injuring a pupil.Sam faced a fight to save her job after the pare...

Unfair disciplinary process after an accident waiting to happen

Published 14 October 2020
Having been injured in an accident at work, branded a liar and then sacked, things really could not get much worse for Miriam.Food factory worker Miriam slipped on a milk spillage an...

A disciplinary process that really did leave a nasty taste

Published 07 October 2020
The change of ownership of a business can be a worrying and uncertain time for any employee.However, restaurant manager Chanel felt reassured when she met the new owners of...

The injustice of being considered guilty of a disciplinary offence before being cleared

Published 30 September 2020
Guilt by association can sometimes be grossly unfair and in Kim’s case it led to her facing the threat of dismissal from her job.The delivery driver/warehouse operative was suspended from work foll...

A helping hand to make a good recovery after the sickly feeling of being unfairly dismissed

Published 23 September 2020
An employee can be dismissed for any number of reasons but there are some decisions, such as the one in Dane’s case that can leave you dumbfounded.The medical sales worker was sacked for failing to...

Sacked During the Probationary Period and With Less than Two Years’ Service

Published 16 September 2020
When Frank contacted Castle Associates for help with a dismissal appeal he admits he did not expect too much – but he did get his desired outcome.Frank, a carer, was distraught when he was dismisse...

Making a snap decision with CCTV footage to support an allegation

Published 09 September 2020
There is a well-known saying that the camera never lies… and it is one that employers seem to adopt when considering CCTV footage in disciplinary matters.Stan was a secondary school teacher who was...

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