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Flexible Working

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Flexible Working

What you need to do if you want flexible working to work for you

13 December 2022
When Dolly Parton first sang about working 9 To 5, the idea of flexible working and possibility of performing your duties from the comfort of home may have seemed far-fetched. The song performed b...

Monitoring remote workers in the comfort of their own homes

30 November 2020
Employers have the right to observe employees at work, but they may need to adapt if they wish to do so for those now working from home.We are well aware that CCTV is fitted throughout workplaces, ...

Be aware of the working from home video nasty

26 October 2020
Bad behaviour captured on camera is nothing new, but with more of us working online it may just create a new problem for employers to deal with.Work-related misbehaviour of any type will always nee...

Losing your job but maintaining the right to be treated fairly

26 August 2020
If you were told you were at risk of redundancy and made redundant the following day, what would you do?In recent months tens of thousands of employees have lost their jobs by way of redundancy.Man...

What is Employment law

11 June 2018
What is employment law and how is it enforceable?Employment law is ever changing and keeping up to date with it is vital as a failure to do so can prove extremely costly.It governs the working rela...

Getting the job done working from home

23 May 2016
A growing number of employees are enjoying home comforts while carrying out their work. In the last decade the number of people working from home has grown by nearly a fifth (19 per cent). A study ...

Flexible working hours uptake by employees not as high as expected despite changes in the law.

19 August 2015
Despite a change in the law many employees are still not taking advantage of the right to request flexible working hours.Just over a year ago the law was changed meaning employers have to address i...