Age Discrimination

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Age Discrimination

Age old problem of discrimination in the workplace

15 February 2021
Employees are now having to work much longer before retirement and age discrimination remains an issue employers need to be alert to and able to deal with. Age discrimination, often referred to ...

Detecting and beating bullying in the workplace

13 April 2020
Any form of bullying is completely unacceptable and being able to identify the tactics used by the workplace bully is crucial in being able to tackle it.One person’s firm management is another pers...

The negative and damaging consequences of workplace discrimination

23 December 2019
The impact of suffering any type of unfavourable treatment can be devastating for the victim and it is particularly so with workers subjected to discrimination.All discrimination is harmful as it c...

What is the Equality Act?

16 September 2019
A lot is written and said about the need to treat all employees fairly, but how much do we really know about a key area of the law that covers this.The Equality Act 2010 provides protection for all...

Discrimination during recruitment

10 December 2018
Rejecting an unsuccessful job applicant should be pretty straightforward, but if it’s done illegally it can be costly.If the candidate believes they were unfairly refused a role as a result of disc...

What discrimination means

26 February 2018
Understanding discrimination in the workplace At some stage nearly all employers will have to deal with an allegation from a disgruntled member of staff and establishing the exact nature of th...

Managing Older Workers; An Employer's Rights and Responsibility

24 January 2017
For employers with an ageing workforce it is likely that concerns about an older worker’s performance may need to be addressed at some stage.Having such a conversation with an employee who has been...

Drive to support older workers to overcome employment barriers

28 July 2015
The changing face of the workplace is looking more mature - but a number of challenges remain for older workers.It is predicted that by 2022 the number of people in the workforce aged 50 to State P...

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