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Unfair disciplinary action because of disability

11 November 2020
Working with a disability and a lack of meaningful support can be difficult and create serious problems for an employee.Jamie, a type 1 diabetic, worked in a pub serving food and drink when he face...

Sacked for being pregnant

01 July 2020
The bad news that can follow the good news of a pregnancy announcement at workFor an expectant mum the thought of a new arrival can be a joyous time but unfortunately the response of an employer ca...

Understanding an employer’s duty to remove barriers for an employee with a disability

20 January 2020
Employers are under a duty to make reasonable adjustments for an employee with a disability, but how much is actually known about what that really means?Reasonable adjustments are changes to the wo...

Things to consider when asking for reasonable adjustments

23 September 2019
The question: what is a reasonable adjustment that I can ask for? Appears as if it may be quite simple to answer, but it is not as straightforward as it seems.There are occasions where an employer ...

What is the Equality Act?

16 September 2019
A lot is written and said about the need to treat all employees fairly, but how much do we really know about a key area of the law that covers this.The Equality Act 2010 provides protection for all...

How HR helps employees

29 July 2019
HR working with employeesAsk an employee what can Hunan Resources (HR) do for you, and what do they actually do for you? The chances are you will get a range of answers, not all positive.HR (1) has...

Managing a disability in the workplace

13 May 2019
Managing a disability in the workplaceEmployers face numerous challenges in the workplace and dealing with a disability is one that they cannot afford to get wrong.If a disabled person is treated u...

Discrimination during recruitment

10 December 2018
Rejecting an unsuccessful job applicant should be pretty straightforward, but if it’s done illegally it can be costly.If the candidate believes they were unfairly refused a role as a result of disc...

Understanding the duty to make reasonable adjustments

10 September 2018
The term reasonable adjustment is one that is often used when it comes to discussing help for disabled and vulnerable employees in the workplace.But what exactly is meant by a reasonable adjustment...

Disability for work related stress

02 September 2018
The difficult question of if work-related stress is a disability?It’s not uncommon to hear an employee complain of feeling ‘stressed out’ at work.It can be a throwaway, flippant comment at times ut...

Long term sick leave

16 August 2018
Dismissing someone on long term sick leave and the risks.When any employee is off work through illness(1)it can and often cause problems for businesses, not only with the increased workload for oth...

What is my right to be accompanied?

16 April 2018
For an employee having to worry about being accompanied to a meeting at work usually means trouble.It can also spell trouble for an employer should it deny the worker that right in certain situatio...

What is the Gender Pay Gap and where are we?

01 December 2017
Campaign groups have said it will take 100 years to close the gap in pay and in some parts of the UK, the gender pay gap is so wide, it is as though women work unpaid from September.The Gender pay ...

Understanding an employer’s duty to make reasonable adjustments

06 November 2017
In employment matters the term reasonable is often used, but what exactly is considered reasonable can be open to interpretation and debate.And when it comes to making reasonable adjustments (1)&nb...

Case Law: Gender Pay Gap Data must be published by law

22 May 2017
After the introduction of the gender pay gap regulations (1) recently, the government has launched a gender pay gap “viewing service (2)” giving the public access to the information that compan...

Religion in the Workplace

10 April 2017
In the run up to Easter research has been published which suggests that employers are finding it difficult to manage expressions of religion and belief in the workplace.The Belief at Work Study (1)...

Supporting equality and diversity in the workplace

14 February 2017
The Equality Act of 2010 legally protects people from discrimination in the workplace and it’s up to employers to enforce it.Back to the 70sThere’s been a spate of programmes on TV recently looking...

Managing Older Workers; An Employer's Rights and Responsibility

24 January 2017
For employers with an ageing workforce it is likely that concerns about an older worker’s performance may need to be addressed at some stage.Having such a conversation with an employee who has been...

Drive to support older workers to overcome employment barriers

28 July 2015
The changing face of the workplace is looking more mature - but a number of challenges remain for older workers.It is predicted that by 2022 the number of people in the workforce aged 50 to State P...

Equal pay and wage rise cash boost

15 July 2015
Openly comparing salaries and discussing who earns exactly what in the workplace has always been a fairly taboo subject.The resentment that can be caused by stark differences in pay was perfectly h...

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