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News 2 - 8 March 2021

12 March 2021
Welcome to the news. Web start by reporting on the removal of the public sector cap on exit payments.(1)   We also highlight a recent EAT decision looking at ‘reasonable steps’ in respect of rac...

Clearing up a disciplinary mess after birthday celebrations

10 March 2021
It’s not uncommon for an employer to confuse what may be a genuine mistake for misconduct  - and it can lead to serious trouble for an employee. Wendy had worked as a cleaner at her local commun...

The use of settlement agreements to resolve workplace disputes in the right way

08 March 2021
It’s always best to settle workplace disputes in the right way, as the manner in which it is done can often attract a lot of attention. Two high profile cases and the resolution to the breakdown...

News 23 February - 1 March 2021

05 March 2021
With the recent announcement of the ‘roadmap’ to guide us all into the dripping sunset of post COVID life, the stories take a decided turn to more family subjects, albeit in many cases still set ag...

The roadmap out of lockdown and what it will mean for employment

01 March 2021
The coronavirus pandemic has had a huge impact on employment and the ramifications will continue to be felt during and after the roadmap out of lockdown. Prime minister Boris Johnson has detaile...

Does landmark court ruling mean a drastic rejig for the gig economy?

22 February 2021
The momentous verdict in the Uber taxi drivers’ case could have far-reaching implications for many self-employed workers employed by app-based platforms. The UK’s Supreme Court ruled that Uber d...

Picking apart a disciplinary case to ensure justice prevails

17 February 2021
Factory supervisor Maria insisted she was firm but fair, while a colleague claimed she was a bully - it was a difference in opinion that left her fighting to save her job. Maria had been in char...

Millions of workers need urgent protection from unfair dismissal

01 February 2021
There are fears that in the coming months more jobs will be lost and one in four workers will not be protected from unfair dismissal. It is reported that about 7.5 million employees began this y...

The legal requirement to do at least the bare minimum to pay employees what they are entitled to

11 January 2021
Those familiar with the naming and shaming of employers failing to pay staff the minimum wage will not have been surprised to see the latest list included some very well-known names. The governm...

News 17 December 2020 - 5 January 2021

08 January 2021
Happy New Year to you all and we kick off the first news of 2021 with a catch up on the last two weeks of December and the first few days of the year. As we left 2020 fairly tightly locked down ...

Reflecting on the year and looking forward to the new year

21 December 2020
It’s that time of year when we tend to look back on the last 12 months and look forward to the New Year and what it may bring. The year 2020 has been one like no other in recent memory.  The way...

New rules for hiring migrant workers

07 December 2020
In the new year freedom of movement between the UK and the European Union (EU) will end and it will have an impact on how employers recruit new staff.On 1 January 2021 a new immigration system will...

Good recovery from ill-informed disciplinary outcome

02 December 2020
What an employer knew and when it knew can be the key in getting justice for an employee subjected to unfair disciplinary action. Following a disciplinary hearing Josie was dismissed for failing...

Monitoring remote workers in the comfort of their own homes

30 November 2020
Employers have the right to observe employees at work, but they may need to adapt if they wish to do so for those now working from home.We are well aware that CCTV is fitted throughout workplaces, ...

Dealing with bullying at work

23 November 2020
The question as to how employers should deal with bullying in the workplace has made headlines – and it’s a question that cannot be ignored.Bullying is always a highly emotive and difficult issue f...

An unusual disciplinary case where there really was smoke without fire.

18 November 2020
Surveillance cameras are everywhere, so we know if we do something wrong there is a good chance it may be caught on film.Employees have been fired for wrongdoing captured on video, which means the ...

Furlough scheme extended

02 November 2020
The timing of the announcement to extend the furlough scheme will have brought some relief too many, but what does it now mean?The scheme was due to end on 31 October and set to be replaced by the ...

Adapting a dismissal process during the pandemic

19 October 2020
Life goes on as normal as it can do in the current employment climate and it will unfortunately mean that employees will lose their jobs for any number of reasons.Hundreds of thousands of jobs have...

Unfair disciplinary process after an accident waiting to happen

14 October 2020
Having been injured in an accident at work, branded a liar and then sacked, things really could not get much worse for Miriam.Food factory worker Miriam slipped on a milk spillage an...

A disciplinary process that really did leave a nasty taste

07 October 2020
The change of ownership of a business can be a worrying and uncertain time for any employee.However, restaurant manager Chanel felt reassured when she met the new owners of...

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