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News 23 February - 1 March 2021

Published 05 March 2021
With the recent announcement of the ‘roadmap’ to guide us all into the dripping sunset of post COVID life, the stories take a decided turn to more family subjects, albeit in many cases still set against the Coronavirus backdrop.

The TUC announces that young workers have born the brunt of the lockdown hardships.(1)  We have an article which looks at the plight of working parents and carers and how they have struggled through the 2020 lockdown waves.(2)   We have another article which looks at interim relief orders and their role in re-engagements reinstatement for employees.(3)   throughout lockdown there were numerous stories indicating that life after Covid would never be the same for the workplace would be changed irrevocably.  An article by Stevens Bolton looks at whether or not to return to the office is now imminent.(4)  The TUC highlights the stark statistics that demonstrate that unemployment amongst black workers is rising twice as fast as amongst their white counterparts.(5)   With this very issue in mind, the TUC highlights the need for equality to remain high on the government’s list of priorities in 2021.(6)

We bring you an article which looks at the likely impact of Covid upon UK financial institutions during 2021.(7)   Finally we look at a recent EAT ruling which has determined that fair procedures are not necessarily ‘implied’ in cases of dismissal due to poor performance, particularly in the context of failed probationary reviews.(8)   This decision would seem to strip away the thin veneer of employment rights employees on probation currently enjoy and consigns them to the rubbish tip.

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