Case Studies

Case Studies

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Case Studies

Playing it safe and considering mitigation to avoid a disciplinary hazard

Published 12 August 2020
Patrick was caught bang to rights when he committed a serious health and safety breach at work.The building worker was filmed cutting wood without wearing safety glasses. The evidence was irrefutab...

A dream ending to a disciplinary mess

Published 05 August 2020
Whatever the reason employees will often know when their time with an employer is coming to an end as the signs can be very clear beforehand.For shop manager Gina it’s no exaggeration to say it rea...

When doing the right thing at work is unfairly made to feel like the wrong thing

Published 29 July 2020
There are occasions when you can clearly do the right thing but you are left questioning if it was really worth it.Construction worker Dane knows that feeling only too well. He ended up being treat...

A good deed that resulted in bad disciplinary action

Published 22 July 2020
Ernie would often help out colleagues in trouble at work and it was a selfless act of goodwill that left him in an unfair battle to save his job.The long-serving maintenance worker, and former trad...

A disciplinary process that really put an employee’s faith to the test

Published 15 July 2020
Teaching assistant Fiona was wrongly branded an obnoxious bigot for asking collegues questions about their religion.At a disciplinary hearing she was accused of making offensive comments when she q...

Learning the hard way that failing to be on your best behaviour at all times can lead to disciplinary trouble.

Published 09 July 2020
Valuable lessons can be learned during away training days including ones about the serious repercussions that can follow any alleged bad behaviourExperienced car part sales advisor Greg faced the t...

Sacked for being pregnant

Published 01 July 2020
The bad news that can follow the good news of a pregnancy announcement at workFor an expectant mum the thought of a new arrival can be a joyous time but unfortunately the response of an employer ca...

Challenging if a redundancy proposal is being used as an excuse to dismiss

Published 24 June 2020
Most of us will have been in a position where financial concerns have caused our employer to review how it operates – and the impact of that can be extremely serious.In Davina’s case she was told s...

Justice prevails after police intervention leads to workplace problem

Published 18 June 2020
Being arrested for a criminal offence and admitting wrongdoing can have serious repercussions for an employee.Jonah did not tell his employer that he had  been arrested for leaving his child h...

A second bite at the disciplinary cherry can leave a nasty taste

Published 10 June 2020
Being cleared of a disciplinary allegation is a huge relief…so facing the threat of dismissal many months later for exactly the same allegation can be an enormous shock.It is fair to say that Emma,...

Disciplinary action adds insult to injury

Published 03 June 2020
Regardless of who we are or what we do for a living sometimes frustration can get the better of us - and in some cases it can lead to serious trouble.Family support worker Gayle’s irritation at her...

The disciplinary problems created by innocent comments taken the wrong way

Published 27 May 2020
For any manager wrongly accused of harassment it can be a nightmare experience fighting to clear their name. Leisure centre boss Jonathan was devastated when he was suspended from work for mak...

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