Case Studies

Case Studies

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Case Studies

When a disciplinary process is just not cricket

Published 06 February 2020
Kevin had good intentions when he took part in a charity event with his employer - but it was an act of goodwill that had unexpected and unwelcome consequences.The experienced, fundraising retail a...

Unpicking the detail of the evidence to get a just disciplinary outcome

Published 29 January 2020
An employee can be forgiven for thinking everything is against them when facing disciplinary action and witness statements appear to go against them,GP receptionist Molly faced the threat of dismis...

The trouble when an employer gets a misleading picture of a disciplinary case

Published 23 January 2020
Social media can be great for staying in touch and providing updates but it can also be a source of big trouble for employees. Noreen certainly was not the first, and she will not be the last ...

Complaining about an unfair disciplinary process gets the right result

Published 15 January 2020
It’s often the case that an employee subject to disciplinary action has to raise a formal complaint of their own before justice prevails.An employee facing disciplinary action can overlook the fact...

Disciplinary after Christmas party

Published 08 January 2020
The nasty hangover that can follow the Christmas doIt’s that time of year when most of us are probably counting the cost of Christmas and for those alleged to have misbehaved at the work festive pa...

Working to make the message clear when there is no evidence of wrongdoing

Published 30 December 2019
Working to make the message clear when there is no evidence of wrongdoingMost of us will take responsibility for our own actions but to be blamed for wrongdoing by others and left fighting to save ...

Reaching a good deal after negotiation about a sales role

Published 18 December 2019
A good sense of right and wrong can tell you when you’re being treated unfairly at work - and being threatened with disciplinary action after refusing to take a pay cut is an obvious example.Sales ...

Cleaning up a messy disciplinary process

Published 11 December 2019
Any employee unfairly facing disciplinary action is likely to be devastated and when that individual is committed and passionate about their work the situation can be heart-breaking.Shop worker Gle...

Unfair disciplinary action against me

Published 04 December 2019
The hard work needed to correct a poor disciplinary performance by a manager For an employee facing disciplinary action and the threat of dismissal it can sometimes be a huge relief to get a formal...

Help with a disciplinary appeal

Published 27 November 2019
Fixing the disciplinary process when the wheels come off.Stanley had worked at the same garage for over 30 years when his dream of retiring when he wanted came under serious threat.The diabetic mec...

Being treated differently for disciplinary

Published 20 November 2019
The problem with the inconsistent handling of disciplinary mattersWhen an employer takes a different approach to the same matter it can find both itself and an innocent employee in trouble.Workmate...

I'm being forced out of my job

Published 13 November 2019
The hard work in getting an employer to rethink unfair restructuring plansSuch has been the financial climate in the past decade that there are likely to be employees who have been through more tha...

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