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Case Studies

Case Studies

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Case Studies

A healthy disciplinary result that really was life changing

Published 22 September 2021
Vanessa was conscious of her weight and when her employer used a matter related to it to try to discipline her, it really did add insult to injury. The sales rep was accused of submitting a fraudu...

A disciplinary process not fit for purpose

Published 07 September 2021
Social media can cause huge problems for employees even when they believe their actions are innocent. Office worker Trent was a fitness fanatic who loved working out. He had a female colleague who...

A close shave with dismissal - breaching COVID guidelines

Published 18 August 2021
Vic was proud of his hipster beard and never in his wildest dreams could he ever have imagined when it got wet it would leave him fighting to save his job.  He was accused of breaching C...

The nasty taste left after unfair disciplinary proceedings

Published 11 August 2021
When Jason took a packet of crisps from a bin to avoid food waste he thought it was a good thing – but his employer certainly did not think so. Jason was accused of theft and cruelty towards...

The age old problem of discrimination faced by older workers

Published 03 August 2021
You can get a range of employees: there are those who do the job because they have to, others who hate the job, and those who love it, such as Marcia.  Dedicated Marcia had worked as an admin...

The ugly consequences of viewing a not so pretty picture at work

Published 28 July 2021
It should be quite simple, but trying to prove your innocence when wrongly facing disciplinary allegations at work can feel like a daunting battle.   Like many people civi...

Poor marks for a college disciplinary process

Published 21 July 2021
Whether criticism of a work colleague is ever justified or not, it can cause serious problems.  Shannon was going through the redundancy consultation proces...

Making a bad call with a decision to dismiss

Published 14 July 2021
When Clive faced an allegation of stealing a colleague’s mobile phone he did not think things could get any worse, but he was wrong.  The retail worker faced an alle...

Unfairly blamed for rule breach when following management instruction

Published 07 July 2021
You would be justified in feeling aggrieved if asked to do something by your boss only to later face disciplinary action for doing exactly what you had been asked to do.  Like millions of oth...

Poor performance by an employer in addressing concerns about an employee’s work

Published 30 June 2021
There can be few things worse than battling to overcome difficult odds to do the best job that you can, only to be fired for not doing it well enough   ...

Letting personal feelings get in the way of a fair disciplinary process

Published 23 June 2021
Family fallouts can be very bitter, add work to the mix and things can get even nastier.  Linda worked for a company owned by her brother-in-law and got caught up in the mess w...

The importance of taking time to understand disciplinary issues

Published 16 June 2021
An employee facing the threat of dismissal for poor punctuality will have severely tested the patience of any reasonable employer.  But, when Charlie found himse...