Case Studies

Case Studies

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Case Studies

A disciplinary process is never an open-and-shut case

Published 10 April 2019
A disciplinary process is never an open-and-shut caseIt can be overwhelming for an employee to have any disciplinary allegation levelled against them.When there are numerous apparently serious alle...

Taking stock when the disciplinary process is unfair

Published 03 April 2019
Disciplined for unfair reasonTaking stock when the disciplinary process is unfairAs bizarre as it may seem it is not unusual for an employee to face disciplinary action for breaching a non-existent...

A nightmare disciplinary process with a happy ending

Published 27 March 2019
A nightmare disciplinary process with a happy endingHearing that disciplinary allegations are unproven can be the best news an employee hears after a period of great stress and anxiety.When Emma wa...

Putting your foot in it when workplace banter fails to raise a laugh

Published 20 March 2019
Putting your foot in it when workplace banter fails to raise a laughIt’s no laughing matter when a questionable joke leaves you fighting to save your job.Logistics warehouse worker Dennis worked in...

Unfairly dismissed for poor performance when ill health is to blame

Published 13 March 2019
Being sacked from a job can be a huge shock and when it’s the result of unlawful treatement it is even worse. Fatima, a restaurant worker for just under five years, was dismissed for poor perf...

When disciplinary action is like a recurring nightmare

Published 06 March 2019
There is a very good reason why there is a well-known saying that it was the straw that broke the camel’s back.It describes how a build-up of incidents or actions causes an unpredictably large and ...

When taking a break from work proves far too stressful

Published 27 February 2019
By the very nature of his job Randolph was a stickler for detail and for ensuring figures were correct.As an accountant numbers were his speciality, so to be accused of dishonesty for a miscalculat...

Finding the right words to bring a working relationship to a happy end

Published 20 February 2019
When disciplinary allegations come to light it can often mark the end of a working relationship even if there is no substance to the allegations.Clive had worked for a car hire company for 12 years...

Making the wrong call when issuing a disciplinary warning

Published 06 February 2019
Experienced call handler Bev dealt with many difficult calls without incident or complaint during a decade working in a call centre.When told she would be invited to attend a disciplinary hearing t...

A distressing journey before being cleared of disciplinary allegations

Published 30 January 2019
When teaching assistant Jess crashed her car the actions of her employer really did add insult to injury.She suffered cuts, bruises and a back injury following the late-night collision on her way h...

Getting the right message after some bad disciplinary news

Published 23 January 2019
It is often said that a manager should lead by example but they are only human and they can make terrible mistakes.When Sian’s manager reacted in the wrong way to her failure to respond to his tele...

Establishing the truth of a disciplinary matter once the smoke has cleared

Published 16 January 2019
To be accused of putting the life of a vulnerable person in your care at risk is possibly as serious as it can get for an employee in the care industry. When a service user at a unit for young...

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