Case Studies

Case Studies

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Case Studies

Fixing the problem when the disciplinary process is unfair

Published 09 January 2019
It can be difficult for any employee to defend themselves against any allegation – and the situation is made worse if the allegation is taken at face value.Following a customer complaint Pamela, wh...

Tis the season to worry about the consequences of the office party

Published 19 December 2018
Things can, and often do, go wrong at the office Christmas party, which can have serious repercussions in the workplaceData analyst Kirk was delighted and relieved when he was eventually cleared of...

Finding the right words to resolve a disciplinary problem

Published 14 December 2018
Getting to truth of a disciplinary matter when employees make tit-for-tat allegations can be a problem.Florence had worked for a telecommunications company for over eight years and was a team leade...

Working to fix a problem when you are not equipped for the job

Published 05 December 2018
It is often the case that employees get blamed for genuine mistakes and as a result end up facing a difficult fight to save their job.As a gas service engineer for a housing association some parts ...

The ‘funny’ social media clip that proved not to be a laughing matter

Published 28 November 2018
We all do not laugh at the same things and what one person finds funny another one may find offensive.With mobile phones always to hand being caught on camera in an embarrassing situation is al...

Secret recording at work for disciplinary

Published 21 November 2018
There are times when an employee may lose trust in their manager and perhaps do something they should not.It’s fair to say that Eric in his six years working as an engineer had a fractious relation...

Left fearing the worse after admitting disciplinary allegations

Published 14 November 2018
There are times when employees are facing disciplinary action having admitted serious wrongdoing and the outcome looks bleak.Our representatives are experts in presenting the mitigating factors tha...

Cleaning up the mess created by a rubbish disciplinary outcome

Published 07 November 2018
It may sound like the start of a fairy-tale, but once upon our time our representatives were truly shocked by blatantly unfair disciplinary decisions being made by employers.In real life however th...

Failing to see the funny side of a mistimed joke

Published 24 October 2018
As a delivery driver Ravi was used to delivering welcome gifts to householders and he certainly had something to celebrate when he received some good news of his own in the post.Our representative ...

Facing a disciplinary investigation with a lack of evidence to support the allegation

Published 19 October 2018
When employees leave a company it can sometimes be under a very dark cloud and it can cause problems for those who remain with the business.When one of Helen’s former colleagues left the care home ...

Happy ending after workplace heartbreak

Published 16 October 2018
If we fallout with those closest to us, the break-up can sometimes be bitter and acrimonious. After Joe, a customer service advisor, ended his relationship with his girlfriend after eight year...

Paying the price for a sham redundancy

Published 10 October 2018
Many parents will say life changed forever when their first child was born… and some may even tell you that it also had a disastrous impact on their working life.This certainly appeared to be the c...

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