Case Studies

Case Studies

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Case Studies

Being targeted and facing disciplinary action for all the wrong reasons

Published 27 March 2018
For an employee facing repeated disciplinary action the obvious conclusion is they are either not very good at their job or someone has really got it in for them.Cleaning supervisor George was conf...

When the odds really are stacked against you during the disciplinary process

Published 21 March 2018
For those who like a gamble betting on the outcome when an employee with a final warning is facing fresh disciplinary action may seem like a sure bet. When Anita was notified to attend a dis...

Failing to see the funny side of a workplace joke

Published 14 March 2018
The usual response to a bad joke is deathly silence but if it results in a threat to your job security it is certainly no laughing matter.When delivery driver Eric made a gag about work, the last t...

The unexpected outcome in a disciplinary case where the figures did not add up

Published 07 March 2018
When Joel was accused of performing badly at work he expected to be sacked.Joel was working in advertising sales and allegedly failing to hit targets. When he first met our representative he apolog...

Help is at hand for the boss accused of wrongdoing

Published 28 February 2018
While managers may be used to conducting disciplinary proceedings against staff they do occasionally find themselves on the wrong end of the allegations.Our representatives at Castle Associates are...

Disciplinary for Facebook message

Published 21 February 2018
The writing really could be on the wall for inappropriate social media postsIt’s understandable that from time to time employees will want to vent their frustrations about work, but doing so via so...

Arrested but cleared and being disciplined

Published 14 February 2018
Having to deal with far worse than a nasty hangover after a night out.An employee accused of a serious crime, arrested, questioned and cleared could be forgiven for thinking that is the end of the ...

Moving the disciplinary goalposts and scoring an own goal

Published 07 February 2018
At Castle Associates our representatives are sticklers for detail and it really can make all of the difference when an employee is facing dismissal.It is not uncommon for an employer to level alleg...

no evidence to support disciplinary allegation

Published 31 January 2018
When no evidence really should mean no case to answerFor an innocent employee accused of wrongdoing the first thing they are eager to see is the evidence against them so that they can clear their n...

When no evidence really should mean no case to answer

Published 17 January 2018
For an innocent employee accused of wrongdoing the first thing they are eager to see is the evidence against them so that they can clear their name.And when there is no evidence to justify the alle...

Facing an unfair cut from your dream job

Published 11 January 2018
Being called a liar and fraudster is tough to take at the best of times but when it’s by your boss at your first ever job it is extremely distressing.Devastated Toni was an apprentice hairdresser w...

performance management meeting

Published 02 January 2018
Failing to hit set targets in work will usually spell trouble for an employee.When it is considered the employee has been issued with previous warnings and still failed to meet expectations, the co...

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