Case Studies

Case Studies

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Case Studies

Subjected to discrimination and being disciplined

Published 03 July 2018
For an employee accepting that they are no longer physically able to do a job they love can be heartbreaking. When a serious illness or a medical condition impacts on the ability of an employee ...

Avoiding dismissal when it seems inevitable

Published 27 June 2018
There are some disciplinary offences that if admitted can almost guarantee an employee will be dismissed - and theft of company stock is definitely one of them.If you add to that, that the employee...

When childish bad behaviour can lead to much more than just a telling off

Published 20 June 2018
It’s unfortunate, but a sad reality that work colleagues will not always get on.When behaviour which would be embarrassing if it was witnessed in a school playground makes its way into the workplac...

What is a Representatives Role?

Published 12 June 2018
Over the years our representatives have often had to salvage the best they can from some hopeless situations.And when Kenny was dismissed for throwing a glass of water in his manager’s face dur...

Being Unfairly Disciplined?

Published 06 June 2018
Left feeling sick and hurt by the actions of an unfair manager When retail supervisor Madeleine got a telephone call at work that all working parents dread…she could never have imagined what w...

Dealing with the most serious disciplinary allegation and fighting to save your job

Published 23 May 2018
Dealing with the most serious disciplinary allegation and fighting to save your jobFacing disciplinary action linked to a death is as serious as it can get for an employee.When Kelly, an experience...

When writing an email spells disciplinary trouble for an employee

Published 15 May 2018
For an employee facing disciplinary action based on an incident that occurred a while ago it is likely to come as a shock.So you can imagine Carlton’s horror when he was invited to a disciplinary h...

The fallout when a disgruntled workmate seeks revenge

Published 02 May 2018
When colleagues fallout it can lead to malicious allegations being made and have serious repercussions in the workplaceThis is the position Sandra found herself in after she was suspended from work...

Exposing the flaws in the disciplinary evidence to get the right outcome

Published 24 April 2018
Our representatives have seen it all when it comes to disciplinary cases and what seems to be a recurring theme is employers disciplining staff based on flawed evidence.Such cases cause an employee...

When it’s right not to accept a warning

Published 18 April 2018
There are occasions when an employee is disciplined and not dismissed but left with a strong feeling of injustice. All workers have the right to appeal against any disciplinary action t...

Making sense of a misunderstanding that leaves an employee fearing the worst

Published 10 April 2018
There is no greater relief for an employee at the end of a disciplinary hearing than hearing or reading the words ‘we have decided not to take any further action.’For an employee who has not previo...

Left high and dry after failing a workplace drug test

Published 04 April 2018
Left high and dry after failing a workplace drug test. In workplaces where drug testing is carried out failing such a test can have dire consequences So when HGV driver David tested positive ...

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