Case Studies

Case Studies

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Case Studies

Pregnancy Dismissal

Published 06 November 2019
When good news eventually comes after some really bad news. At some stage we’ve probably all been faced with the question: what do you want first, the good news or the bad news?In this scenario, we...

A word of warning when making what you think is a throwaway comment

Published 30 October 2019
Dispatch manager Kevin was relieved when he was cleared of any wrongdoing for comparing a colleague to a girl.He was facing dismissal after he confronted a workmate over an incorrect order, which h...

The sickening feeling caused by an unfair disciplinary process

Published 23 October 2019
When Eve was dismissed after a serious accident at work it really did add insult to injury.The cash and carry worker slipped on a spillage and injured her back. She was off work long-term and later...

Calling time on unfair work pressure

Published 16 October 2019
We can all suffer from work-related stress from time-to-time and how Fatima reacted to it left her facing the threat of dismissal.The senior care home worker was alleged to have snapped at her boss...

The trouble when what is caught on camera is not what it seems

Published 09 October 2019
There can be nothing worse and getting caught up in somebody else’s wrongdoing and for it to leave you fighting to save your job.When the Claire contacted the Castle Associates Employee Support Cen...

Left feeling sick after being dismissed while ill

Published 25 September 2019
When Sarah was dismissed for failing to follow the absence reporting procedure it really did add insult to injury.The 32-year-old, from t Bristol, suffered serious back and leg injuries in a road t...

When helping a friend in need leads to disciplinary trouble

Published 11 September 2019
Work colleagues can be good friends and this does mean that we will sometimes do what we can to help if one has a serious problem.Sylvia did not need asking twice when a desperate female co-worker,...

Falling out of favour for daring to complain about unfair treatment

Published 04 September 2019
It is not unusual for an employee to believe that management have favourites.Sometimes it is fuelled by jealously or it can be paranoia, but sometimes there can be good reason to feel that way.At t...

A delayed celebration for a disciplinary win

Published 28 August 2019
A delayed celebration for a disciplinary winFor any employee cleared of any wrongdoing after facing serious disciplinary allegations the relief is enormous.Joel had a disciplinary hearing for fraud...

The battle to keep a job, with a tragic start and happy ending

Published 21 August 2019
The battle to keep a job, with a tragic start and happy endingAn employee on probation or with short service can feel completely helpless when facing the threat of dismissal.If an employee is dismi...

The ugly side of the disciplinary process with a good looking ending

Published 14 August 2019
The ugly side of the disciplinary process with a good looking ending We all know by now that saying the wrong thing inside or outside of work can land us in big trouble. When cosmetic cli...

A disciplinary warning that felt like a low blow

Published 07 August 2019
A disciplinary warning that felt like a low blowWhen CCTV evidence of Seb knocking a colleague to the floor was played at his disciplinary hearing he felt sickened.The footage showed the sales cons...

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