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Case Studies

Case Studies

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Case Studies

Saying the right thing to eventually right a disciplinary wrong.

Published 12 January 2022
Roller shutter engineer Julian was blissfully unaware he had done anything wrong prior to the fight he faced to save his job. Julian was one of five employees suspended from work for comments made...

Sending the wrong message with an unfair disciplinary process

Published 14 December 2021
Sometimes when an employee is facing disciplinary action they simply want to make the best of a bad situation. Nobody wants to be dismissed from their job, even when it appears at first that it is...

Facing disciplinary action after being cleared of wrongdoing by police

Published 09 December 2021
Any complaint of abuse of a vulnerable individual must be taken seriously and for those wrongly accused it can be a horrific experience. Latoya had worked with young people with learning disabilit...

Unwelcome impact of disciplinary process on the road to recovery

Published 01 December 2021
Ill health can have a disastrous impact on an employee’s career if an employer fails in its duty of care. Sales worker Noreen suffered serious back and leg injuries when she was a passenger ...

Unfair treatment of brave whistle-blower

Published 24 November 2021
It took courage for teaching assistant Claudia to report a colleague for mistreating children - and after doing so she did not expect to be the one fighting to save her job. Claudia reported that ...

A look inside a disciplinary process with a timely ending.

Published 10 November 2021
When Pauline took a peek inside a folder she found in the car park at work, it led to a reaction from her bosses that she did not see coming. The folder contained confidential documents, including...

Unhappy manager creates disciplinary problem

Published 03 November 2021
Ill health can severely impact on how an employee performs their duties - and in some cases the reaction of an employer can be a shock. IT consultant Giles had suffered for some considerable time ...

Can I really challenge a dismissal if I have less than two years’ service?

Published 28 October 2021
It is important to make a good early impression in a new job because the consequences can be serious if it’s alleged you failed to do so. Family support worker Ashleigh was devastated when s...

Lending a helping hand to fix a disciplinary problem

Published 20 October 2021
As a joiner Marcus had an ability to repair things – but there was one-work related situation where he needed expert help to put it right. It’s fair to say that in the decade Marcus ha...

unsavoury surprise during an unpalatable redundancy process

Published 13 October 2021
Being made redundant is a horrible experience and when it is done unfairly it makes matters even worse. Our representatives are experts at dealing with such cases and achieving  a good outcom...

Successfully manoeuvring out of a tight spot in a disciplinary process

Published 06 October 2021
We all like a good laugh at funny video clips, but if they are work-related the joke can sometimes fall flat. Retail worker Joan filmed a motorist repeatedly trying, and failing, to reverse into a...

A real fight for justice

Published 29 September 2021
It’s tempting to think there can only be one outcome for an employee involved in a violent incident that leaves someone else with a serious injury. Shopping centre security guard Gus was inv...