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Case Studies

Case Studies

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Case Studies

Dealing with the threat of dismissal during recovery from long Covid

Published 23 November 2022
Super fit Isla ran for miles everyday and when she could no longer do so, it posed a risk to her health - and career. Long Covid meant there was an extended period of time in which the software en...

Correcting a manager’s poor conduct in the unfair handling of performance concerns

Published 16 November 2022
Jess won the desperate fight to save her job following months of struggling at work and after being dubbed ‘crazy.’ The office worker said she had been insulted and felt bullied before allegations...

Finding the right words to correct an honest mistake

Published 09 November 2022
  If you have ever sent a message to the wrong person or a group in error, you will know the horror that comes with realising what you have done.  If you have been less than complimenta...

Building a successful case to fix the damage caused by a disciplinary outcome

Published 02 November 2022
When Viktor was caught on camera breaching health and safety rules at work he understandably believed his fate was sealed. The builder was pictured working at height on the exterior wall of a semi...

Fixing the real problems caused by a bogus redundancy dismissal

Published 26 October 2022
Relieved Grace was delighted after securing her dream outcome after a ‘nightmare’ at work. The laboratory analyst was dismissed by way of redundancy after she had worked for her employer for just ...

An unsatisfactory supermarket offer made better after expert intervention

Published 20 October 2022
Dealing with rejection and knowing you are no longer wanted is hard - and if it is from your employer it can be even tougher Shocked Gina was told in no uncertain terms that unhappy colleagues did...

Trouble when one group message becomes a serious problem for all members

Published 14 October 2022
If you are a member of WhatsApp group at work in which a highly offensive comment is posted, what should you do? Security officer Imran did nothing at the time  - and found himself in serious...

Fighting a way out of disciplinary trouble and beating bullying tactics

Published 05 October 2022
Many businesses have faced tough challenges in recent times but it can never be a legitimate excuse to mistreat staff. Clarion left her job, on her terms, after being threatened with dismissal for...

Dealing with the unfair consequences of sharing workplace gossip

Published 28 September 2022
Let’s face it we all like a bit of gossip and can repeat things we have heard, but when it happens in the workplace a huge overreaction can lead to serious trouble. When Nigel revealed to a group ...

Targeting an employee for disciplinary action after they dare to raise a grievance

Published 22 September 2022
You should be able to make a genuine complaint to your employer without fear of repercussions, but as Abhay discovered this is not always the case. After continually being subjected to offensive a...

Making a bank pay for a costly mistake in unfairly dismissing an employee

Published 01 September 2022
There are some dismissals that are so blatantly unfair it can defy belief – but it can still be a battle to get justice. Chloe had worked for a bank for six years when she was dismissed by way of ...

Fixing a disciplinary problem after an IT issue proves more than a technical glitch

Published 24 August 2022
When ‘Grandpa Kev’ was unfairly targeted by his boss because of his age he needed help to fightback and ultimately win his disciplinary case. IT helpdesk technician Kevin, aged in his mid-fifties ...