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News - 14 - 21 September 2023

Published 22 September 2023

We start this weeks news with a story that the Scottish Courts Chief has instructed tribunals to ignore the existing ban by the Scottish government on zero hours contracts.(1)  Yorkshire taxi drivers have been urged to bring legal claims against Veezu, on a similar basis as those claims brought against Uber.(2)  Our next article looks at caselaw in relation to mutual termination at the employment appeals tribunal.(3)  Recently railway firms have announced plans to close large numbers of ticket offices, we have an article which looks at the implications of this for redundancy and the obligation to offer suitable alternative employment.(4) A recent Government report on shared parental leave has indicated a surprisingly low take up by parents, our next article looks at the potential reasons why.(5)  Next we look at the prospect of the four day working week becoming a reality.(6) Our next article takes an in-depth look at bullying, specifically the definition of bullying and how widely it can be interpreted.(7) Apparently, becoming a police officer is the most popular occupation pursued by adults in their 50s who are already retired.(8) We finish this week with an article by the TUC which accuses the government's current economic policy approaches as irresponsible and leading the UK headlong into an economic recession.(9)

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