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Latest News

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Latest News

News - 18 - 25 May 2023

Published 26 May 2023
We start this week with new government plans to reform EU legislation.(1)  We move on to an article by the TUC about flexible working reforms.(2)  The government is set to make unpaid car...

News 17 - 22 March 2023

Published 24 March 2023
The 21st March marked, ‘The International Day for the elimination of racism.’(1) Next we take a look at the employment priorities in the Spring Budget.(2)For those who hadn’t noticed, there’s ...

News - 08 - 16 March 2023

Published 17 March 2023
We start this week with an update on the ongoing dispute at P&O ferries.(1)  We have an update from the TUC regarding the ‘doom loop’ which indicates that the current economic recovery is ...

News - 03 - 07 March 2023

Published 10 March 2023
We start this weeks news with a celebration of International Women’s Day. Our first article looks at the need for greater action over simple rhetoric.(1) Next we have the barely surprising admissi...

News - 25 February to 02 March 2023

Published 03 March 2023
Here this weeks news. We start this weeks edition with a Court of Appeal ruling which held that an employer has no duty of care to protect for future loss of earnings arising from a criminal convi...

News - 17-23 February 2023

Published 24 February 2023
Here is the news. We start this week with two articles from the TUC.  The first looks at how institutional racism adversely affected black workers disproportionately during the COVID pandemic...

News - 1-9 February 2023

Published 10 February 2023
Here is the news. We start this week with a few updates on the government’s next raft of wacky legislation with implications for the employment landscape.  Firstly, we have the consultation o...

News - 6-11 January 2023

Published 13 January 2023
Here is the news. We start this week with a look at the government’s response to strikes by public sector workers.  Massive legal challenges are predicted.(1)  Another article accuses th...

News - 1-5 January 2023

Published 06 January 2023
Here is the news. Happy New Year to everyone & lets get back to more of the same.  Recent research has revealed that the Scot’s have lost nearly £2 billion in unpaid overtime in just one ...

News - 25 November to 1st December 2022

Published 02 December 2022
Here is the news. We kick off this weeks news with a look at the DVLA strike and COVID safety at work.(1)At the same time the Health and Safety Executive have reported that workplace COVID infecti...

News - 18-24 November 2022

Published 25 November 2022
Here is the news. Nothing comes ashore faster than seamen after a long haul on the briny sea, but how long do they have to be back on land to acquire discrimination protections under the Equality ...

News - 10-17 November 2022

Published 18 November 2022
Here is the news. We start this week with ACAS new guidance on the use of suspension in the workplace.(1) Next we look at the impact of the cost of living crisis and workplace ‘burnout’ on mental ...