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News - 25 February to 02 March 2023

Published 03 March 2023

Here this weeks news.

We start this weeks edition with a Court of Appeal ruling which held that an employer has no duty of care to protect for future loss of earnings arising from a criminal conviction, acquired in the course of discharging their employment duties.(1) We have a report that the number of remote roles being advertised is now dropping.(2)We have a round-up of key legislation for 2023.(3)Junior doctors are the next group of employees set to strike.(4) Shoosmith’s looks at whether ‘green tech’ is the future for the collapsing British economy? (5)The answer is certainly not if you’ve read anything by Derrick Jensen.  We take a look at the impact of ‘fake flexibility’ on the careers of working mothers.(6)

Next we have two articles which report on the consultation of the ‘four day week,’(7)and (8).  Next we look at caselaw on long-term sickness and disability discrimination which is certain to have resounding implications for the way future employers handle such capability issues.(9)    

We conclude as usual with two articles from the TUC, the first is a call to write to local papers to object to the proposed anti-strike legislation currently being forced through Parliament at break neck speed.(10)  Finally, the TUC is highlighting research by the New Economics Foundation (NEF) that the government is further cutting public funding by £28Bn ‘by stealth.’(11) 

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