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News - 17-23 February 2023

Published 24 February 2023

Here is the news.

We start this week with two articles from the TUC.  The first looks at how institutional racism adversely affected black workers disproportionately during the COVID pandemic.(1).The second article shows how the gender pay gap is now so great that women effectively work for free for two months every year.(2)Our next article looks at five recent developments to consider in the workplace this month.(3) Statistics on Employment Tribunals backlogs for 2022 have been released and currently stand at around 50,000 claims waiting to be listed.(4)Flybe employees are considering taking legal action after being informed by Zoom that they were being made redundant.(5)

Shoosmith’s highlights the importance of ‘whistleblowing’ in the charity sector.(6)Next we have more caselaw on ‘vicarious liability’ in abuse claims.(7) Finally we take a look at some recent caselaw which re-evaluates the relationship between written contractual terms and employment status following the landmark 2021 Supreme Court judgment Uber BV v. Aslam.(8)

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