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News - 15 - 22 June 2023

Published 23 June 2023

Here’s this week’s news.

We start this week with case law relating to a widow who was awarded £165,000 in compensation against the telecommunications company she had worked for.(1)  The consumer sector continues to struggle with the National Minimum Wage, reports Irwin Mitchell.(2) The TUC reports that a further rise in interest rates Will prove dangerous to both homeowners and jobs.(3)  A stark warning comes from farmers who are concerned about the continued shortage of labour in the agricultural sector.(4)  Personnel Today reports on the majority of students who are now being forced into working whilst studying just to be able to afford to continue their studies.(5)  Finally we report that more than 200 companies have been found to be paying less than the national minimum wage including M&S and WHSmith.(6)   

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