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Christmas Closure  – Our office will be closed from the 22nd of December at 12pm and will reopen on the 2nd of January at 9am

Christmas Closure  – Our office will be closed from the 22nd of December at 12pm and will reopen on the 2nd of January at 9am




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Sickness absence and managing long-term sick leave

Published 19 December 2022
Being off work sick for any period of time can have repercussions - and in some serious cases it can even lead to dismissal. Getting ill is inevitable and most of us will occasionally need time of...

What you need to do if you want flexible working to work for you

Published 13 December 2022
When Dolly Parton first sang about working 9 To 5, the idea of flexible working and possibility of performing your duties from the comfort of home may have seemed far-fetched. The song performed b...

Key questions and answers about your wages and possible problems

Published 05 December 2022
The wages on offer will probably be the decisive factor in any decision you make to accept a job – but how would you deal with a situation in which you do not get paid as expected? When you start ...

What happens if you are under investigation at work?

Published 28 November 2022
Being informed you are under investigation at work can cause alarm, distress and fear, but knowing exactly what to expect can best prepare you to deal with the situation. Any employee at any time ...

Approach with caution: office Christmas party season ahead

Published 21 November 2022
The traditional office Christmas party as we know it has been on hold the last couple of years and it is likely to make a comeback this year – but it should also come with a warning. History tells...

How to respond to any disciplinary allegation made against you at work

Published 14 November 2022
If you are unfortunate enough to be invited to a disciplinary hearing how you respond to it can really be the difference between getting fired and keeping your job -especially if an allegation is s...

I am being investigated at work what are my rights?

Published 07 November 2022
Being investigated at work for alleged wrongdoing can be incredibly stressful and worrying, but knowing exactly what to expect can help you to deal with it. Whether you are aware of allegations be...

Redundancy process five essential steps

Published 31 October 2022
Unprecedented financial challenges and economic uncertainty facing employers means the spectre of redundancies is never far away. Businesses of all shapes and sizes are being forced to adapt, plan...

Understanding time limits for disciplinary sanctions and the impact they can have

Published 24 October 2022
If a disciplinary allegation is upheld against you it can have serious ramifications – but  for how long? Your employer’s disciplinary procedure will allow formal action to be taken against y...

The essential six-step guide to deal with a grievance

Published 18 October 2022
Making or dealing with any work-related complaint can trigger a range of emotions, so knowing the right steps to take in such a situation is vital. If an employee has a concern, complaint or probl...

Can you get sacked from a disciplinary?

Published 10 October 2022
If disciplinary allegations are levelled against you then you are bound to be concerned, and your biggest fear is likely to be: will I get sacked? In cases where serious misconduct is considered p...

The launch of our new service offering a helping hand with an essential HR requirement

Published 04 October 2022
As an employer protecting yourself from the threat of costly legal action can start with what seems like a basic step, for which the best expert assistance is now available. When things go wrong, ...