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Avoid paying the price for unfair pandemic wage cuts

Published 24 May 2021
The last 14 months have been financially challenging for employers of all sizes, but it should not be used as a convenient excuse to enforce pay cuts.  The coronaviru...

What can an employer do about misconduct outside of the workplace?

Published 17 May 2021
Dealing with misconduct in the workplace can be problematic - but it can be even more challenging when it happens outside of it.  The dilemma can often be: How much contro...

Shining the spotlight on bullying and harassment at work

Published 10 May 2021
Serious allegations of bullying and harassment in the workplace are once again headline news. It’s an age-old problem, this is nothing new, but it is something all employers need to be alert...

Weighing up the options to keep staff safe and healthy

Published 04 May 2021
Weight and anything related to it can be a touchy subject, so the idea that an employer may ask for your waist size in order to keep you safe is likely to divide opinion. The Health and Safety at ...

The menopause and work

Published 15 March 2021
Many employers may have been left asking what can I do? After a study revealed many women hide menopause symptoms at work and will not ask for help. An Opinium survey, commissioned by Vodafone, ...

The use of settlement agreements to resolve workplace disputes in the right way

Published 08 March 2021
It’s always best to settle workplace disputes in the right way, as the manner in which it is done can often attract a lot of attention. Two high profile cases and the resolution to the breakdown...

The roadmap out of lockdown and what it will mean for employment

Published 01 March 2021
The coronavirus pandemic has had a huge impact on employment and the ramifications will continue to be felt during and after the roadmap out of lockdown. Prime minister Boris Johnson has detaile...

Does landmark court ruling mean a drastic rejig for the gig economy?

Published 22 February 2021
The momentous verdict in the Uber taxi drivers’ case could have far-reaching implications for many self-employed workers employed by app-based platforms. The UK’s Supreme Court ruled that Uber d...

Age old problem of discrimination in the workplace

Published 15 February 2021
Employees are now having to work much longer before retirement and age discrimination remains an issue employers need to be alert to and able to deal with. Age discrimination, often referred to ...

Millions of workers need urgent protection from unfair dismissal

Published 01 February 2021
There are fears that in the coming months more jobs will be lost and one in four workers will not be protected from unfair dismissal. It is reported that about 7.5 million employees began this y...

Is fear forcing employees to work when they should self-isolate

Published 25 January 2021
Job insecurity and financial worries is causing employees to break the law and attend work when they should be self-isolating, according to research. An employee who should be self-isolating s...

Can my employer make me have the Covid vaccine?

Published 18 January 2021
  A question many employees are likely to ask in the coming weeks and months is: can my employer make me have the Covid vaccine? The coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic has been devastating and c...

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