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The aim of disciplinary action and factors to consider

Published 29 June 2020
Most people are likely to agree an employee deserves to be punished if they do something wrong -  but is it how disciplinary action should really work?The disciplinary procedure is the formal ...

Don’t let a grievance have a negative impact on the bottom line

Published 22 June 2020
Resolving an employee grievance amicably and quickly is always best and it can save valuable time and money.Unresolved or protracted workplace conflict can have serious consequences for any busines...

Dealing with a breach of the employment contract

Published 15 June 2020
Working relationships encounter problems and rarely last forever and often the key to resolving a problem can be found in an employment contract.An employment contract is a legally binding document...

Coronavirus and absence management

Published 08 June 2020
The deadly impact of coronavirus has undoubtedly changed the way we live and it will inevitably impact on absence management in the future.The current government advice is that anyone who has teste...

How does being off sick work?

Published 01 June 2020
It’s probably a safe bet to say that most of us will not achieve something Jim Owen did during his working life, but the chances are that you’ve never heard of him.The dedicated council surveyor wa...

Calculating redundancy pay

Published 26 May 2020
Fear of the financial impact of redundancy is usually a main concern with the news of any potential job losses.The coronavirus pandemic has led to a wave of redundancies and left tens of thousands ...

The impact of race discrimination in the workplace

Published 18 May 2020
We all know that race discrimination in the workplace is unlawful but how much do we really know about the impact it has on the victim?There can be an obvious and toxic effect on the employee subje...

What is unreasonable when considering a request for a reasonable adjustment?

Published 11 May 2020
When seeking clarification on any matter you inevitWhen seeking clarification on any matter you inevitably want a definitive answer, so if asking what is a reasonable adjustment, you expect one, ri...

What is classed as disability at work

Published 04 May 2020
Don’t pay the high cost of failing to support an employee with a disabilityNews of a bank worker being awarded £4.7m for disability discrimination should serve as a timely reminder, if ever one was...

Understanding the role of a Rep at disciplinary and grievance hearings

Published 27 April 2020
If you pay for anything designed to help you when you are in desperate need of help, you are justified in questioning what do I get for my money?And if you need the help of a trade union representa...

Why discrimination is always bad for business

Published 21 April 2020
There are a lot of practices and occurrences that can be bad and costly for business, discrimination is certainly one of them.There is no limit to the amount of compensation that can be awarded to ...

Detecting and beating bullying in the workplace

Published 13 April 2020
Any form of bullying is completely unacceptable and being able to identify the tactics used by the workplace bully is crucial in being able to tackle it.One person’s firm management is another pers...

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