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Right to work rule change all employers need to be aware of

Published 07 March 2022
New technology is set to help employers carry out essential checks to establish an employee’s right to work in the UK in a move to crack down on abuse of the immigration system. All employers have...

Long Covid and absence management

Published 28 February 2022
The impact of the global pandemic will be felt for a long time and just one of the challenges employers will face is how they manage employees suffering from long Covid. Many people, including wor...

Do you have to go to work in bad weather?

Published 22 February 2022
The weather is always a good topic of discussion and it feels like the appropriate time to talk about how to deal with any disruption it can cause to work. The UK has been battered by three feroci...

Employer’s duty of care with all restrictions finally set to be scrapped

Published 15 February 2022
The mooted plan to lift all Covid restrictions in England by the end of the month will inevitably create challenges for employers.   The surprise announcement from Prime Minister Boris Johns...

Focus on good mental health in the workplace

Published 07 February 2022
It is fair to say Prince Harry can be considered a divisive figure, but did he actually have a point when he said employers should care more about the mental health of staff? Shortly before the gl...

How can you tell if a workplace joke is a good or bad one?

Published 31 January 2022
Let’s face it we all like a good laugh and usually do not mind if it is at the expense of others, even at work.   Some may perceive workplace pranks, jokes and banter as nothing more than a ...

Landmark ruling in Covid jab for work case as opposition intensifies.

Published 25 January 2022
A nurse believed to be the first employee to legally challenge the ‘no jab, no job’ policy lost her case as antagonism towards mandatory vaccines for NHS staff continues to grow.   Anyone wo...

Supporting employees after a cancer diagnosis

Published 10 January 2022
The likelihood is we know someone affected by cancer, and if it is not yourself it could be a family member, friend or work colleague. For an employee who receives such a devastating diagnosis mea...

New Year and proposed new changes to employment law

Published 20 December 2021
Meta tag: employment law updates 2022 New Year and proposed new changes to employment law It’s the time of year when we look forward to what is to come and it is likely to see some importan...

How to avoid something more serious than a technical glitch when dismissing staff

Published 13 December 2021
Meta tag: redundancy and dismissal by message How to avoid something more serious than a technical glitch when dismissing staff Ruthless Apprentice-style dismissals may make for good TV but are t...

Work is still needed to empower employees to report bullying

Published 06 December 2021
Bullying is the scourge of many workplaces but it seems a lot of workers do not trust their employer to deal with it – and don’t know how to report it. A new study, which quizzed 2,000...

Help to ensure mum is not left holding the baby at work

Published 30 November 2021
When Labour MP Stella Creasy took her baby to work in the Commons the issue of managing childcare and work made headline news. Ms Creasy was told it was against the rules to bring a child to a deb...