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How to avoid feeling even worse when having to take time off work sick

Published 14 October 2019
If you are unwell and unable to attend work knowing what to do and what is expected of you can ensure your return to work is a smooth one.The last thing you need when off sick is the added worry ab...

Making the right decision to avoid an unfair dismissal claim during redundancy

Published 07 October 2019
When an employer is considering redundancies it is a difficult time for all concerned and getting it wrong can prove costly.Employees may be automatically unfairly dismissed for reasons of redundan...

The work that can be done to prevent race discrimination in the workplace

Published 30 September 2019
The work that can be done to prevent race discrimination in the workplaceRace discrimination is abhorrent and combatting it should be a top priority for all employers.Employers are advised to take ...

Things to consider when asking for reasonable adjustments

Published 23 September 2019
The question: what is a reasonable adjustment that I can ask for? Appears as if it may be quite simple to answer, but it is not as straightforward as it seems.There are occasions where an employer ...

What is the Equality Act?

Published 16 September 2019
A lot is written and said about the need to treat all employees fairly, but how much do we really know about a key area of the law that covers this.The Equality Act 2010 provides protection for all...

The trade union right to represent

Published 09 September 2019
In times of desperate need knowing where to turn for help is vital and for employees that assistance can be in the shape of a trade union or its representative.There are number of situations that o...

Why discrimination is a problem

Published 02 September 2019
The problems caused by discrimination in workplace  Any type of discrimination is abhorrent and combatting it should be top priority for all employers.It is unlawful and occurs when an in...

Getting to know your trade union representative

Published 26 August 2019
Getting to know your trade union representativeWhat you think about a trade union representative may be influenced by the differing views presented of them.On the one hand they are seen as serving ...

Why discrimination should be stopped

Published 19 August 2019
Why discrimination should be stoppedThe need for employers to keep working to tackle all forms of discriminationInvestigating and addressing any form of workplace discrimination should be a top pri...

The disturbing impact of workplace bullying

Published 12 August 2019
The disturbing impact of workplace bullyingThere is a well-known saying that actions have consequences and this is most certainly the case with bullying where those consequences can be devastating....

How recruitment has evolved

Published 05 August 2019
From keeping it in the family to the click of a mouse, the changing world of recruitmentThe advent of the internet had a huge impact on all aspects of work and the effect is certainly evident in th...

How HR helps employees

Published 29 July 2019
HR working with employeesAsk an employee what can Hunan Resources (HR) do for you, and what do they actually do for you? The chances are you will get a range of answers, not all positive.HR (1) has...

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