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How to get trade union representation

Published 07 May 2019
A trade union representative can be a bit like a breakdown policy for your car…you think you can cope without one until you find yourself in unexpected trouble.Saving on monthly membership payments...

The unhealthy effect of discrimination in the workplace

Published 29 April 2019
The unhealthy effect of discrimination in the workplaceFor anyone subjected to any type of discrimination at work the impact can be devastating.The target of such unfavourable behaviour, which may ...

Taking on and beating the workplace bully

Published 22 April 2019
Taking on and beating the workplace bullyBullying in the workplace can have devastating consequences for the victim and dealing with it should be a priority for all employers.It not only affects th...

The job of recruiting and selecting the right candidate for a vacancy

Published 15 April 2019
The job of recruiting and selecting the right candidate for a vacancyFinding the right person to fill a vacancy can be a job in itself.Good recruitment and picking the right candidate for a vacant ...

How HR can help managers

Published 08 April 2019
The role of HR in helping managers to manage.A good working relationship between managers and human resources (HR) is crucial in the effective running of any business.While the responsibilities of ...

Appraisal what to expect

Published 01 April 2019
Appraisal what to expectBeing prepared to perform at your best when your work is under reviewWhether you like the idea or not it’s likely that at some stage you may be asked to explain your job per...

How to get performance management working to the best of its ability

Published 25 March 2019
Having the talent to get the best out of employees is a management skill in itself…and having the right process to manage performance is an added bonus.Being able to encourage workers to continuall...

Avoiding those dangerous pitfalls when conducting a disciplinary hearing

Published 18 March 2019
For an employer working its way through the disciplinary process can be like having to navigate a minefield. A decision to dismiss an employee for any reason is not one that should ever be t...

The five-step grievance handling procedure

Published 11 March 2019
It’s certainly not unusual to hear an employee complain about work, colleagues or their boss, justified or otherwise. In fact such informal grumbles are part of everyday working life and p...

Employment law and the role of ACAS

Published 04 March 2019
Employment law is complex and understanding it and the role that the Advisory, Conciliation and Arbitration Service (ACAS) play in it can be a job in itself.The laws that cover the workplace help t...

The benefits of having a healthy absence management system

Published 25 February 2019
Successfully managing employee sickness absence can help to cure a lot of serious problems that any businesses may face.Having the right processes in place to track absence trends can assist in ide...

Understanding when an employer may call time on sick leave

Published 18 February 2019
Being forced to call into work sick can be a time of genuine uncertainty for an employee and an employer.How long the illness will last and what impact it will have on the workforce and productivit...

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