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The risks in failing to follow a fair disciplinary procedure

Published 29 October 2018
Given the opportunity most of us may be tempted to cut corners, after all it can sometimes make life much easier.Such temptation should definitely be avoided, however, when having to deal with disc...

When is a grievance formal?

Published 22 October 2018
From time to time an employee will have good cause to complain.It may be a justified grumble about a colleague, a moan about working conditions or a serious complaint about inappropriate behaviour....

The ins and outs of employment law

Published 15 October 2018
There are inevitably some employment disputes that cannot be settled without the intervention of a court.Then can be any number of reasons why the court system is needed to enforce employment law f...

Managing absence from work, handle with care

Published 08 October 2018
There is an old saying that absence makes the heart grow fonder… but when it comes to employment matters absence can certainly make your mind wander.What’s going on, what’s going to happen and what...

Knowing your rights when off work sick

Published 01 October 2018
Knowing your rights when off work sickWhen you’re not feeling at your best and you’re unable to attend work what you may or may not be entitled to will probably be one of the last things on your mi...

Treating absent employees with care during the redundancy process

Published 24 September 2018
The mere mention of redundancy and the prospect of it are bound to make any employee feel sick with worry.With such announcements it is understandable that workers are going to be fretful and fear ...

The history of tackling race discrimination in the workplace

Published 17 September 2018
Some things will never change and it is never going to be easy for an employer to tackle racism in the workplace.All employers should take a zero-tolerance approach to such deplorable behaviour. In...

Understanding the duty to make reasonable adjustments

Published 10 September 2018
The term reasonable adjustment is one that is often used when it comes to discussing help for disabled and vulnerable employees in the workplace.But what exactly is meant by a reasonable adjustment...

Disability for work related stress

Published 02 September 2018
The difficult question of if work-related stress is a disability?It’s not uncommon to hear an employee complain of feeling ‘stressed out’ at work.It can be a throwaway, flippant comment at times ut...

When discrimination can be considered acceptable

Published 13 August 2018
Can you ever justify discriminatory behaviour in the workplace? The answer, which may surprise some, is yes.We are all, or at least should be by now, aware of the pitfalls and cost of an employee b...

Why bullying is a problem

Published 06 August 2018
Now more than ever before we are encouraged to speak out and feel empowered to report and not tolerate any unsavoury behaviour in the workplace.Bullying is one such behaviour. There was once a tend...

A helping hand to pick out the right candidate to fill a vacancy

Published 30 July 2018
Many things have made modern life much easier and for employers recruiting the right person is one such task.The role of recruitment agencies in sourcing, identifying and selecting the right candid...

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