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Understanding who is responsible for making reasonable adjustments for a disabled worker

Published 29 April 2018
When an employee needs help there is an expectation that they will ask for it…after all how can an employer be expected to know they are struggling without being informed.But when a worker with a d...

Disability from work for depression

Published 23 April 2018
Managing a disability caused by depression is a challenge that employers should be ready and prepared for.According to research one in three of the UK workforce may have a health and wellbeing issu...

What is my right to be accompanied?

Published 16 April 2018
For an employee having to worry about being accompanied to a meeting at work usually means trouble.It can also spell trouble for an employer should it deny the worker that right in certain situatio...

Dangers of being desk-bound

Published 09 April 2018
Pay attention to every survey with a health warning and you will be afraid to do many things – and you can now add going to work and sitting at a desk to that list.New research has found that sitti...

Expectant and new mums facing discrimination in the workplace

Published 01 April 2018
On average more than a thousand women a week are forced to quit work as a result of a pregnancy and maternity discrimination, according to a leading charity.Maternity Action has launched a campaign...

The impact of discrimination in the workplace

Published 26 March 2018
While much has been written about discrimination in the workplace there has not been as much focus on the wide-ranging and devastating ramifications it can have.The consequences of such unlawful be...

Ways in which bullying occurs in the workplace

Published 19 March 2018
Establishing that an employee repeatedly threatened with violence is being bullied can be straightforward, but identifying when this type of unacceptable behaviour occurs is not always as easy.Than...

The importance of the job of recruiting the right candidate

Published 12 March 2018
Why recruitment process is importantRecruiting the right candidate for a vacancy is an essential task and it can be a job in itself.The process of hiring the right person for the job has certainly ...

The helping hand of a trade union in the workplace

Published 05 March 2018
It’s fair to say that trade unions and their representatives have had a bad press that can detract from the crucial role they play in the workplace.There have been previous newspaper headlines abou...

What discrimination means

Published 26 February 2018
Understanding discrimination in the workplace At some stage nearly all employers will have to deal with an allegation from a disgruntled member of staff and establishing the exact nature of th...

Why bullying is harmful

Published 19 February 2018
The damaging impact of bullying in the workplace The harmful effect of bullying in the workplace can be both devastating and costly. Employers should take a zero-tolerance approach to any t...

The importance of HR

Published 12 February 2018
Human Resources management is often viewed as a guard dog for bad management and business owners and it is a role that has certainly divided opinion.An online article (1) published last year listed...

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