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Religion in the Workplace

Published 10 April 2017
In the run up to Easter research has been published which suggests that employers are finding it difficult to manage expressions of religion and belief in the workplace.The Belief at Work Study (1)...

Dealing with maternity leave

Published 28 March 2017
For any woman currently on maternity leave watching TV and listening to the news in recent weeks may have made uncomfortable viewing and listening.The hit BBC thriller The Replacement (1) – about o...

Income Boost for Minimum Wage Workers

Published 16 March 2017
Low paid workers will pocket a wage rise at the start of next month.Employers are required by law to pay workers at least the national living and minimum wages.The Government's National Living...

Calling Time on Drinking During Working Hours

Published 23 February 2017
Calling time on boozing during working hours is never likely to be a popular move.It never used to be unusual for some employees to enjoy a drink or two at lunchtimes or to strike a deal while enjo...

Supporting equality and diversity in the workplace

Published 14 February 2017
The Equality Act of 2010 legally protects people from discrimination in the workplace and it’s up to employers to enforce it.Back to the 70sThere’s been a spate of programmes on TV recently looking...

Office Romance: The perils of Valentine’s Day in the workplace

Published 14 February 2017
It’s that time of year when love is in the air but it can lead to heartbreak in the workplace.Valentine’s Day often presents the perfect opportunity to declare your love or affection for that speci...

Tribunal Claims Have Dropped; Don't Get Complacent!

Published 08 February 2017
There has been a huge fall in the number of cases going to employment tribunals but it should not mean that employers become complacent.The drop in numbers has been attributed to tribunal fees of u...

Employers Have No Excuse to Underpay Staff

Published 26 January 2017
It is illegal not to pay employees the National Minimum Wage and there can be no real excuse for doing so.Channel 4 documentary Undercover: Britain’s Cheap Clothes scheduled to be broadcast tonight...

Taking the Day of Because of Bad Weather

Published 26 January 2017
It’s that time of year when for many employees getting into work is a job in itself.Recent metrological warnings of ‘thundersnow’, plummeting temperatures, severe flooding and strong winds highligh...

Handling an Employee Who is More than Just a Problem

Published 25 January 2017
Dealing with a’ toxic’ employee early on can prove beneficial in the long run but it is not always the easiest thing to do.It could be that a long-serving, dynamic or assertive employee’s actions, ...

Dealing with Employees Under the Influence of Drink While on Duty

Published 24 January 2017
When snaps emerged of a sozzled looking Wayne Rooney following an international match it sparked widespread debate about his fitness to lead his country.The England football captain has since been ...

Managing Older Workers; An Employer's Rights and Responsibility

Published 24 January 2017
For employers with an ageing workforce it is likely that concerns about an older worker’s performance may need to be addressed at some stage.Having such a conversation with an employee who has been...

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