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Social Media and Its Growing Role in the Hiring and Firing Of Staff

Published 22 August 2016
It appears the online ramblings of job hunters are influencing a significant number of employers when it comes to hiring new staff. It has been reported that a new survey has revealed that a third ...

Sexual Harassment at Work: Alarming Number of Women Being Harassed in the Workplace

Published 16 August 2016
The shocking extent of sexual harassment of female employees in the workplace has been revealed in a new report (1). More than half of the women (52 per cent) who took part in a study carried out b...

Disciplinary Appeals Process: Get it Wrong and You Could Pay Dearly

Published 08 August 2016
Getting a disciplinary decision wrong can prove costly, which means the benefit of a fair appeal process is priceless. After postman Anthony Holt was reportedly fired for attempting to break into h...

Is office work killing you? Workout to beat the dangers of being desk-bound.

Published 02 August 2016
Pay attention to every survey with a health warning and you will be afraid to do many things – and you can now add going to work and sitting at a desk to that list. New research has found that sitt...

Feeling the heat in the workplace

Published 25 July 2016
As temperatures soared during the recent hot spell keeping cool in the workplace became the focus of attention. The recent heatwave saw temperatures of up to 33.5C (92.3F) making Britain hott...

Apprenticeship scheme still has work to do to create the right impression

Published 18 July 2016
Many recent school leavers will take their first tentative steps into the world of work through the apprenticeship scheme (1), but it’s an option that appears to be frowned upon by numerous parents...

How will the decision to leave the European Union (EU) impact employment?

Published 04 July 2016
It remains unclear quite what the future holds for Britain and its employment practices after the vote to leave the European Union (1). Concerned business leaders have appealed for calm and more cl...

The Right and Wrong Way to Manage Poor Performance in the Workplace

Published 01 July 2016
There are effective ways to deal with underperforming employees but lining them up, spanking them and cutting their hair is certainly not one of them.A video has emerged online showing a motivation...

Businesses Lose an Estimated £190m Every Year with 67% of Employees Admitting to Theft in the Workplace

Published 21 June 2016
It appears workers are not afraid to help themselves when it comes to stealing from their employer. A survey revealed that two thirds of office-based employees freely admitted they had robbed from ...

Stop the Press: Dealing with Workplace Problems Before They Become News

Published 16 June 2016
Employment practices in a number of high profile cases have made headlines in the past week.The separate appearances of the owner of Sports Direct and the former Chief Executive of British Home Sto...

Euro 2016 Workplace Policy: Avoid showing staff the red card during a summer of sport

Published 12 June 2016
With a bumper summer of sport on the way a new study has revealed four in ten men are prepared to take a sickie to make sure they do not miss out on the action (1,2). The research by Grosvenor Casi...

Getting the job done working from home

Published 23 May 2016
A growing number of employees are enjoying home comforts while carrying out their work. In the last decade the number of people working from home has grown by nearly a fifth (19 per cent). A study ...

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