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Managing Older Workers; An Employer's Rights and Responsibility

Published 24 January 2017
For employers with an ageing workforce it is likely that concerns about an older worker’s performance may need to be addressed at some stage.Having such a conversation with an employee who has been...

Gross misconduct should not mean dismissal is an automatic sanction

Published 17 January 2017
When allegations of gross misconduct are upheld there is a temptation for an employer to believe that the outcome is inevitable…sometimes it can be anything but.Gross misconduct is behaviour, ...

The legal journey through self-employment

Published 17 January 2017
A landmark legal judgement may have widespread ramifications for employers and self-employed workers.Drivers for online taxi firm Uber won the right to be classed as employees rather than self-empl...

Flu season in the workplace

Published 17 January 2017
It is that time of year when employers need to be fully prepared for the flu season which can be bad for business.Previous research revealed that more than 7.5 million working days were lost in the...

More Than A Third Of Employees Failed To Switch Off And Worked Through Their Christmas Holiday

Published 19 December 2016
Christmas should have been a time when employees switched off to enjoy a well-deserved break, but it seems many could not resist the urge to work through the festive period.Whether there is an expe...

How Employers can Learn from Santa’s Work Pattern.

Published 19 December 2016
The hard work and dedication of Santa Claus over the festive period is typical of that shown by staff across the country and there are lessons that all employers can learn from it.North Pole-based ...

Fun and Games; The Office Christmas Party

Published 05 December 2016
By now we’re accustomed to the festive season arriving with a raft of seasonal warnings…among them is the danger posed by the office Christmas party.It is traditionally a time for staff to let thei...

Having an off the record conversation

Published 27 September 2016
There are situations as an employer when you may want to have an “off the record” conversation with one of your employees, but are nervous, because sometimes those conversations can go wrong and ca...

Tattoos in the workplace: should they influence a business’ approach to recruitment and retention?

Published 27 September 2016
The debate about whether or not tattoos are a negative mark in the workplace was sparked again by a former star of The Apprentice. Margaret Mountford, lawyer and businesswoman, has reportedly said ...

Changes to UK employment Law 2016

Published 19 September 2016
It has been a year of change in employment law and more is yet to come. There remains uncertainty about what impact the decision to leave the EU will have on employment legislation post-Brexit.Empl...

Zero-Hours Contracts on the Rise: More and More Employers are opting for zero-hours contracts.

Published 12 September 2016
The use of zero-hours contracts is on the rise but the continued use of contentious employment agreement continues to attract widespread criticism.A zero-hours contract between an employe...

Staff Behaving Badly: Is Misconduct Outside Work a Fair Dismissal?

Published 06 September 2016
At some stage it is likely that most employers will have to deal with employees behaving badly outside of work (1). The chances are that with mobile phone and CCTV footage and social media posts of...

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