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Establishing the truth in disciplinary matters.

Published 13 January 2016
While instances of using a lie detector to dismiss an employee are extremely rare getting to truth of any disciplinary matter remains a testing issue.At the start of the year a courier firm which s...

It may be Christmas but it is business as usual

Published 17 December 2015
While the thoughts of many employees are now focusing on spending time off work over the festive period…it will be business as usual for many.Different opening hours, varying demands for a service ...

The office Christmas bash and the unwanted hangover

Published 10 December 2015
It’s that time of year again when the office Christmas Party can leave employers with an unwelcome headache.While the festive shenanigans at the work bash can be great fun, any inappropriate behavi...

Get tough and act quickly to deal with workplace bullies

Published 02 December 2015
The devastating and tragic consequences of alleged bullying in the workplace have made headlines again this week.The Conservative Party has faced a barrage of criticism for its apparent failure to ...

Clampdown on Human Trafficking and ‘Modern Day Slavery’ as Rogue Employers Face Life Imprisonment

Published 25 November 2015
A crackdown on rogue employers could see them jailed for life for trafficking and exploiting vulnerable workers.It is a criminal offence to hold a person in slavery or servitude to perform forced l...

How to Calculate Holiday Pay for Part Time Employees

Published 24 November 2015
How to calculate holiday pay for part time employees can seem quite daunting at times but it is a simple mathematical formula.  All employees are entitled to a statutory minimum holiday p...

Employers are running the risk of legal action by making unlawful deductions from wages.

Published 21 November 2015
Instances of workers being docked pay for praying, taking cigarette breaks and going to the toilet have hit the headlines in recent years. Employees have also complained about not being paid at all...

The madness and mayhem of ‘Black Friday’ is set to hit the high street again and businesses and staff are preparing for the chaos.

Published 11 November 2015
The American tradition which sees retailers slash prices created scenes of bedlam last year as shoppers literally fought to grab a bargain.Police were called to deal with disorder and shop workers ...

Companies that breach safety laws will be hit with hefty fines following the introduction of new sentencing guidelines.

Published 04 November 2015
The financial penalties for employers convicted for health and safety, food safety and food hygiene offences will be significantly increased.Offences covered by the guidelines are varied and could ...

New Scheme hoped to tackle discrimination against job seekers

Published 31 October 2015
A government-backed scheme aims to tackle workplace discrimination by using ‘name blind’ applications.The initiative will mean the applicant’s name is not revealed when they apply for a job.It is h...

More needs to be done to ensure apprentices get treated fairly

Published 21 October 2015
Rogue bosses are exploiting young apprentices by getting them to act as skivvies and make the tea.It is said that thousands of young trainees who sign up for the apprenticeship schemes are spending...

Are expectant mothers getting a raw deal from employers?

Published 19 October 2015
Expecting a baby is a time for celebration and it’s natural for parents to hope that family, friends and colleagues will share their joyful anticipation. One of the feelings a mother-to-be definite...

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