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Workplace Dress Codes up for Debate

Published 16 May 2016
There’s been plenty of discussion about whether an employer’s decision to send home a receptionist for refusing to wear high heels is really a step in the wrong direction.The decision attracted wid...

Getting a Grip on Obesity in the Workplace

Published 09 May 2016
A top employment judge is calling for a change in the law that would allow overweight employees to sue for ‘fattist’ discrimination. Being overweight, or even obese, is not in itself a prohibited g...

Dealing with stress in the workplace

Published 25 April 2016
The number of workers suffering from work-related stress remains a growing concern for employers. It is thought many factors such as job cuts, financial worries, poor management and bullying are to...

Mum still left holding the baby despite the introduction of shared parental leave.

Published 19 April 2016
image via HuffingtonPostThe introduction of shared parental leave has got off to a slow start. Just one in 100 dads are using new laws to take more time off to look after their newborns, a study ha...

An Employer’s Right to Check Applicant’s Criminal Past Comes into Question.

Published 04 April 2016
Employers have been allowed to do criminal record checks on job applicants but the right to continue doing so is now under question. A High Court judge ruled the criminal records check scheme used ...

April Fools’ Day and the workplace prank

Published 21 March 2016
Playing practical jokes on 1 April is a tradition that is centuries old - but it can cause modern day problems in the workplace. Despite having no official recognition April Fools’ Day is about mak...

Placing a job ad? Mind your words and take extra care to ensure they do not break the law when advertising job vacancies

Published 29 February 2016
Employers are being urged to take extra care to ensure they do not break the law when advertising job vacancies. The Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC) has drawn up a series of helpful gui...

How to deal with a request for a pay rise.

Published 22 February 2016
News that some MPs are set to pocket another bumper pay rise will no doubt leave many employees asking “what about me?”A recent survey from the Chartered Institute of Personnel Development revealed...

Blowing the whistle on wrongdoing in the workplace

Published 15 February 2016
For an employer facing up to wrongdoing in its own organisation is a difficult task – and getting it wrong can prove costly.There is a mixed view of whistle-blowers. For some they are heroes workin...

Forecast for a global recession brings new fear of widespread redundancies

Published 08 February 2016
As experts predict another global recession the prospect of savage job cuts looms once again.The worry is that an oil price plunge and deflation from emerging markets will engulf central banks, tip...

Unholy row over praying in the workplace

Published 01 February 2016
A power plant has sparked a religious row by changing its prayer policy. The US-based company used to allow Muslim employees to leave its production line twice a shift to pray. But the change of po...

Monitoring internet and email usage in the workplace

Published 25 January 2016
While the case of a Romanian engineer being fired after his bosses are said to have snooped on his emails made national headlines in the past week, it is worth remembering that this is nothing new....

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