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Working parents and maternity rights

Published 07 October 2015
Celebrating the birth of a new arrival should be a time of great joy, but it can also trigger uncertainty in the workplace.Employers have been known to life extremely difficult for working mothers,...

Tipping the scales of justice to tackle obesity in the workplace

Published 28 September 2015
A court ruling that a casino can fire its waitresses if they gain more than 7lbs has put the issue of weight in the workplace back in the headlines.The US court ruled Borgata casino’s personal appe...

More work needed to help employees understand their terms and conditions.

Published 23 September 2015
The majority of workers are oblivious of the terms and conditions contained in their employment contract.More than 90 per cent of employees quizzed for a survey admitted they had not read the docum...

Fear prevents workers from blowing the whistle to stop wrongdoing in the workplace

Published 16 September 2015
Apprehensive employees would rather turn a blind eye or remain tight-lipped instead of exposing serious wrongdoing in the workplace.The fear of repercussions means workers believe it is better to k...

Rising number of employees on zero-hours contracts

Published 09 September 2015
The number of people being employed on controversial zero-hours contracts is on the increase.Figures from the Office for National Statistics (ONS) show businesses used 1.5 million zero-hours contra...

Fit for Work scheme up and running to tackle sickness absence

Published 02 September 2015
A government-backed initiative to get employees back to work after illness or injury should be fully operational before the end of the year.The new Fit for Work service provides occupational health...

How an employer can & should deal with bullying in the workplace

Published 26 August 2015
More than a third of workers have suffered bullying in the workplace according to research from a law firm.The reported incidents of intimidation include rudeness, gossip, shouting, finger pointing...

Flexible working hours uptake by employees not as high as expected despite changes in the law.

Published 19 August 2015
Despite a change in the law many employees are still not taking advantage of the right to request flexible working hours.Just over a year ago the law was changed meaning employers have to address i...

Meeting the dress code and looking the part for the job

Published 03 August 2015
The face of policing is changing and Bobbies on the beat will get a clean-cut look.They may once have been known as the fuzz, but police chiefs in Gloucestershire have proposed new rules which will...

Drive to support older workers to overcome employment barriers

Published 28 July 2015
The changing face of the workplace is looking more mature - but a number of challenges remain for older workers.It is predicted that by 2022 the number of people in the workforce aged 50 to State P...

Equal pay and wage rise cash boost

Published 15 July 2015
Openly comparing salaries and discussing who earns exactly what in the workplace has always been a fairly taboo subject.The resentment that can be caused by stark differences in pay was perfectly h...

Open all hours and changing work times

Published 08 July 2015
Government plans to extend Sunday opening hours are expected to give large retailers a huge boost.The announcement expected in today’s (Wed, 8 July) budget is likely to create thousands of jobs acr...

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