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Christmas Closure  – Our office will be closed from the 22nd of December at 12pm and will reopen on the 2nd of January at 9am

Christmas Closure  – Our office will be closed from the 22nd of December at 12pm and will reopen on the 2nd of January at 9am




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Understanding an employer’s duty to make reasonable adjustments

Published 06 November 2017
In employment matters the term reasonable is often used, but what exactly is considered reasonable can be open to interpretation and debate.And when it comes to making reasonable adjustments (1)&nb...

The difference with bullying and harassment and the importance in addressing both

Published 06 November 2017
When victims complain of being bullied in the workplace it can often include a claim that they have been harassed as well.There is a modern tendency to use bullying and harassment together to descr...

Employment law is your business

Published 24 October 2017
Employment law can be complex and confusing but knowing exactly how it works can protect both employers and employees.It covers all aspects of the working relationship, and a good knowledge of ever...

Recognising the serious impact of depression on workers

Published 21 August 2017
It's certainly not uncommon nowadays to hear someone utter the words 'I'm feeling a bit down, think I'm depressed" such a statement can often trivialise what can be a debilitating illness.Depressio...

What does a trade union rep do? Understanding the role of a trade union representative.

Published 14 August 2017
Image source: Pixabay.comWhen working relationships breakdown, are under threat or become strained the role of a trade union representative can be invaluable.Opinions and views on the role, aims an...

How to manage underperforming workers

Published 07 August 2017
Hiring the ideal person for the job can be easy, but dealing with that individual when they fail to perform as expected can be problematic.On paper and in an interview a job candidate can shine. Th...

How to manage disciplinary meeting dates.

Published 31 July 2017
By now all employers should know that getting it wrong when it comes to dealing with a disciplinary matter can prove costly – and that applies to the simplest of things.When the allegation comes to...

How to handle a workplace grievance

Published 24 July 2017
In the ideal world all working relationships would be problem free.The workplace would be a completely harmonious environment, workers would get on with each other and there would never be any caus...

When it doesn’t pay to work too hard or take a break

Published 17 July 2017
It may be the holiday season but some employees are likely to be jetting off for their summer break having been short changed.A study has revealed that employers have failed to pay British workers ...

Avoid getting hot under the collar when the temperature rises in the workplace

Published 04 July 2017
It’s that time of year when temperatures hopefully start to rise, but it does also mean that things can get a little bit heated in work.Recent record breaking temperatures (1) sparked what now appe...

New dad’s historic victory in battle for paternity rights

Published 22 June 2017
A new father threatened with a pay cut if he took paternity leave has won a landmark employment tribunal claim.Bosses at the call centre where Madassar Ali works reportedly told him that he could o...

Don’t cut corners with health and safety

Published 12 June 2017
When workers on a construction site were told they had to be clean shaven an employer’s policy regarding the appearance of its workers once again made headline news.The beard ban introduced by the ...