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Ethical Veganism

Published 03 January 2020

A Happy New Year to you all from the staff at Castle Associates.  This week’s News editorial is just a short snippet and a more comprehensive round up of the most important stories of 2019 will follow next week.

But the breaking news story of the New Year for Employment Law will undoubtedly be the Employment Tribunal ruling that, ‘Ethical Veganism’ now carries the legal status of a ‘philosophical belief,’ which effectively affords vegans the same legal protections as religions, disability, sexuality and gender for the purposes of evaluating ‘discrimination’ as defined by the Equality Act 2010.

This stands as a stark contrast to a ruling in October 2019 regarding ‘vegetarianism’ which failed to meet the same philosophical benchmark (Conisbee v Crossley Farms and others).  So it’s not just a bowl of old lentils after all? For more information go to.(1)  


(1) Ethical Veganism – [Internet] [Cited 03.01.2020]


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