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Looking at behaviour that can cause race discrimination in the workplace

Published 28 January 2019
All employers should take a zero-tolerance approach to racism in the workplace and key to tackling unlawful discrimination is understanding the cause of it.It can occur as a result of the actions o...

Talking to the right people and delivering news of redundancies in the correct way

Published 21 January 2019
It’s fair to say there is no good way of breaking bad news, but there is a right way to do so when it comes to announcing redundancies.Fear, speculation and the threat of job losses can understanda...

Changing the way of work to help manage depression in the workplace

Published 14 January 2019
It’s fair to say that there can be some uncertainty for employers when it comes to considering reasonable adjustments for an employee suffering with depression.Depression is a common and serious me...

Disability legislation covering the workplace

Published 07 January 2019
The law is ever changing and being updated and for employers knowing the legislation that covers any type of discrimination is crucial.The Equality Act 2010 (1) was introduced on 1 October 2010. It...

The helping hand of the trade union rep

Published 17 December 2018
When things go wrong at work knowing where to turn for help can make all the difference.Whether it is management or colleagues acting unreasonably, the help of a trade union representative (rep) in...

Discrimination during recruitment

Published 10 December 2018
Rejecting an unsuccessful job applicant should be pretty straightforward, but if it’s done illegally it can be costly.If the candidate believes they were unfairly refused a role as a result of disc...

Who does the workplace bully target?

Published 03 December 2018
Think workplace bullying and there may have been a time when an aggressive manager constantly berating a terrified junior employee was the only image that came to mind.The reality is that any emplo...

Hiring the wrong person for the job

Published 26 November 2018
We all make mistakes from time to time and when employers do correcting it may not always be as straightforward as it seems.There can be pressure to fill vacancies. When a candidate who impressed d...

What can HR do for an employee?

Published 19 November 2018
The role of human resources (HR) can sometimes be a delicate balancing act and when things go wrong for an employee it can often come under fire.The one-time view of HR was that it was just a depar...

Is it time to sack the appraisal review for its poor performance?

Published 12 November 2018
In recent years the feedback on the value of the performance appraisal has been very negative and it appears that employers can do much better.There seems to be a growing feeling that appraisals ar...

Learning to manage the performance of employees to get the best out of them

Published 05 November 2018
Former US president John F Kennedy is once quoted as saying ‘leadership and learning are indispensable to each other,’ which is very apt when it comes to performance managing staff.It can be v...

The risks in failing to follow a fair disciplinary procedure

Published 29 October 2018
Given the opportunity most of us may be tempted to cut corners, after all it can sometimes make life much easier.Such temptation should definitely be avoided, however, when having to deal with disc...

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