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Reaching out for a helping hand with HR matters

Published 24 July 2018
From time to time we can all do with some assistance to manage the demands, pace and challenges of the modern workplace.Finding time to complete routine tasks let alone essential ones is an ongoing...

Keeping your cool to get the most out of an appraisal

Published 16 July 2018
There is a risk that an appraisal meeting can turn into the type of slanging match you see on a popular TV talk show, but done properly it can have huge benefits.The Jeremey Kyle Show (1) usually f...

Noting the particulars of the employment contract

Published 09 July 2018
Ask most employees what is in their employment contract and the chances are they will know the main points, may guess at others and there may be some oohing and aahing.Filmmaker Samuel Goldwyn (1) ...

A poor review of performance management

Published 02 July 2018
The mere mention of performance management is enough to fill some employees with dread.While the process is viewed negatively by some staff, it can be a force for the good if applied correctly.Ther...

How to prevent disciplinary problems

Published 25 June 2018
A quiet word can be all that it takes to settle a potential disciplinary matterIn the ideal world all employees would do exactly what is expected and managers would never have cause for concern or ...

How grievance procedure works

Published 15 June 2018
How the Grievance procedure works It’s inevitable in the workplace that at some time or another an employee will have genuine cause for complaint.The odd grumble about being in a bad mood, fru...

What is Employment law

Published 11 June 2018
What is employment law and how is it enforceable?Employment law is ever changing and keeping up to date with it is vital as a failure to do so can prove extremely costly.It governs the working rela...

How to deal with absence management

Published 04 June 2018
Check up to ensure you have a healthy absence management plan to deal with time off. An employer is likely to deal with a worker’s unacceptable absence at some stage and doing so properly can ...

Disciplined for something I did not do

Published 29 May 2018
On the wrong end of a slip-up in the disciplinary processWhen Ally was dismissed after being injured in an accident at work it really was a case of adding insult to injury.Ally was working in a foo...

The role of the trade union rep

Published 28 May 2018
When working relationships breakdown, are under threat or become strained the role of a trade union representative can be invaluable.Opinions and views on the role, aims and usefulness of a trade u...

Things you should know if you’re worried sick when off work with an illness

Published 21 May 2018
Being off work sick can be difficult time for any employee and knowing what to expect from your employer can be an added worry.Phoning in work sick is always a difficult call to make and employees ...

Working out the cost of necessary job cuts

Published 14 May 2018
For any employee informed they will be made redundant one of the first questions they are likely to ask is ‘what will I get paid?’How that figure is calculated is likely to be secondary when facing...

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