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Ethical Veganism

Published 03 January 2020
A Happy New Year to you all from the staff at Castle Associates.  This week’s News editorial is just a short snippet and a more comprehensive round up of the most important stories of 2019 wil...

The negative and damaging consequences of workplace discrimination

Published 23 December 2019
The impact of suffering any type of unfavourable treatment can be devastating for the victim and it is particularly so with workers subjected to discrimination.All discrimination is harmful as it c...

Recognising when bullying becomes harassment

Published 16 December 2019
No employee should be subjected to unfavourable treatment at their place of work and in tackling such a problem an employer must be clear about what it is dealing with.It is not uncommon for the vi...

How Recruitment Works

Published 09 December 2019
The work needed to get recruitment rightWith research revealing that a high number of job applicants admit lying on their CV getting the recruitment process right is crucial.Recruitment is all abou...

What an employer needs to know about the HR policies required by law

Published 03 December 2019
What an employer needs to know about the HR policies required by lawPolicies are important in any walk of life and for an employer they play a key role in outlining its approach to a range of cruci...

Appraisals and what to expect

Published 25 November 2019
The good work needed to get the most out of a performance appraisalFor some employees talking openly and comfortably about their achievements and what they are best at can be…well, slightly uncomfo...

Out with the old and in with the new to manage staff performance?

Published 25 November 2019
Out with the old and in with the new to manage staff performance? Crucial to the success of any business enterprise is the performance of its staff and getting the best out of employees needs ...

How does disciplinary action work?

Published 11 November 2019
By now we all know what is required to conduct a fair disciplinary process, but ensuring it actually is fair is not always straightforward.An employer’s disciplinary procedure should be documented ...

Handling an employee grievance

Published 04 November 2019
Dealing with a formal employee complaint effectively is crucial as it can make-or-break a working relationship.A grievance should be addressed fairly and without unreasonable delay with the aim bei...

The important business of employment law

Published 28 October 2019
Failing to comply with any law runs a risk and it is the same with employment law and business.The legislation is designed to protect the rights of the employee and covers almost all aspects of the...

The importance of an absence management procedure that is fit for purpose

Published 21 October 2019
The ill-effect of sickness absence can hit employers hard and managing it effectively can help to ensure a business stays in good shape.It is where the benefit of having a good absence management p...

How to avoid feeling even worse when having to take time off work sick

Published 14 October 2019
If you are unwell and unable to attend work knowing what to do and what is expected of you can ensure your return to work is a smooth one.The last thing you need when off sick is the added worry ab...

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