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Landmark case highlights need to combat all forms of discrimination.

Published 12 October 2020
The huge cost of failing to tackle discrimination in the workplace has once again been highlighted in a landmark tribunal ruling.A gender-fluid worker was awarded £180,000 after being subjected to ...

Coronavirus and Annual Leave

Published 28 September 2020
As we enter autumn we can reflect on a summer like no other, and one that created confusion and havoc with travel plans and annual leave entitlement.The coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic has decimate...

Call for workplace drug testing to help combat the scourge of drug crime

Published 21 September 2020
Employers can play a role in the fight against widespread drug use by randomly testing employees for Class A drugs.London mayoral candidate Shaun Bailey, recently said if he is elected, he wou...

The thin line between banter and bullying.

Published 07 September 2020
There is a current trend for comments that cause serious offence to be dismissed as banter – or ‘bantz’ if you were probably born in the 1990s or thereafter.The fear is banter is becoming a friendl...

Managing the risk and preventing the spread of deadly coronavirus in the workplace

Published 24 August 2020
In the current climate employers are facing many new and difficult challenges and protecting staff from coronavirus (Covid-19) is of paramount importance.Workplaces have to be safe. Employers must ...

A need for fairness in the extraordinary times we are living in

Published 17 August 2020
The phrase ‘these are unprecedented times’ has been much used recently but it should not become a convenient excuse to treat employees unfairly.The coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic has changed many ...

Black Lives Matter helping to bring inequality in the workplace into focus

Published 10 August 2020
Black Lives Matter helping to bring inequality in the workplace into focus. The horrific murder of George Floyd and the worldwide revulsion to it has seen a long overdue spotlight firmly focus...

Discrimination in job adverts

Published 03 August 2020
Searching for the ideal job candidate is a job in itself and in doing so employers have to be extra careful not to fall foul of the law.In all aspects of life when we know what we want, the hard pa...

Understanding the damaging effect of workplace bullying

Published 27 July 2020
Bullying in the workplace is abhorrent and should be stopped but how much do we really know about the impact on the victim.It can make working life miserable and unbearable. It can ruin lives.Bully...

Recruitment challenges and the innovation helping to get the job done.

Published 21 July 2020
There is a saying that we are defined by the choices we make and for those working in recruitment it is highly appropriate.Choosing the right candidate for a job can be a thankless task at the best...

Is there really anything to fear with performance management?

Published 07 July 2020
The mere mention of a performance management meeting can fill any employee with dread.Rightly or wrongly it has long been associated with failure, underperformance and a certain pathway to dismissa...

The aim of disciplinary action and factors to consider

Published 29 June 2020
Most people are likely to agree an employee deserves to be punished if they do something wrong -  but is it how disciplinary action should really work?The disciplinary procedure is the formal ...

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