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Planning a Covid-secure office Christmas party

Published 23 November 2021
The office Christmas party may look and feel different this year with a negative lateral flow test result or Covid pass required for admission to a gathering. After the pandemic forced party plans...

How to prepare for a disciplinary investigation meeting

Published 16 November 2021
A disciplinary investigation meeting invite can be frightening and unsettling. Being properly prepared for such a meeting will help you to handle what can be a very uncomfortable situation. You w...

How to prepare for a redundancy appeal hearing

Published 08 November 2021
If can be difficult to challenge a redundancy dismissal and you have got to put the work in to give yourself the best chance of success. You should appeal if you believe you were selected unf...

Five-step plan to prepare for a disciplinary appeal hearing

Published 25 October 2021
If you are unfairly issued with a formal disciplinary sanction the good news is you can challenge it  - but you’ve got to put the work in to get the result you want. If an allegation of...

How do I prepare for a redundancy consultation meeting

Published 18 October 2021
How do I prepare for a redundancy consultation meeting?  Whether you expect it or not being officially informed you may be made redundant can be a shock.  Knowing what to expect&nb...

Giving yourself the best chance to get what you want at a grievance hearing

Published 12 October 2021
If you are unhappy with something or feel you are being treated unfairly, you will usually complain - and at work you can do so with a formal grievance. A grievance is a concern, complaint or prob...

Essential preparation for a disciplinary hearing

Published 08 October 2021
You should fully prepare for anything than can have serious consequences for you - and a disciplinary hearing is no different.  Disciplinary sanctions that can be imposed by yo...

Hospitality staff to get the thank you they have earned

Published 27 September 2021
A new law will mean staff working in the hospitality sector who are recognised for their good work will not be left out of pocket. Pubs, restaurants and cafes will in future be banned from keeping...

Can an employee refuse the Covid-19 vaccination?

Published 20 September 2021
Can an employee refuse the Covid-19 vaccination? As plans and objections about jabs for jobs intensify some employees will need further clarity on if they can refuse the vaccine. At present there...

Avoiding legal pitfalls when recruiting

Published 13 September 2021
With a record number of jobs advertised getting recruitment right and ensuring the process is not discriminatory is crucial.  Most recent official figures show t...

The importance of listening to an employee with something to ‘moan’ about

Published 31 August 2021
We all like a good whinge about work from time to time but when it is a serious complaint there is a right way for an employer to deal with it.  Any number ...

Can I still work from home or will it cost me?

Published 17 August 2021
Working from home remains a much talked about issue and how the arrangement may work in future remains to be seen.  The pandemic meant those of us who could work while based at home...

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