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Starting a new job with a contract that has restrictive covenants, what can you do about it?

Tosh Polpitye

18 December 2019

Restrictive Covenants

You are starting a new job and the contract has lots of restrictive covenants in them, what can you do about it? Employment law solicitor Tosh Polpitye will explain. So they just started the job, they've got a choice, they can decide whether they want to abide by those or not may not take the job or they can negotiate. The question is why do they want to negotiate?

Generally the restrictions should be something that is legitimately protecting a business, you're going to come and work for me so I don't want you to steal my clients, I don't need to steal my staff, I don't use anything it's going to damage my business, so it's a little bit difficult than, as an employee, to say well actually I don't want that in there so they have to explain why, but generally speaking that you can negotiate with the employer happen if you're not happy with them still then don't take the job.

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